What Iv Learned

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No Words. Just Noise.

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



On Nights like tonight, when no ones around,
I sit In the dark, with my hands on the Ground,
I feel a presence, And I hear a sound,
I begin to smile, as I look around,

People Think im happy, Cause i Act like a clown,
But when im alone, I tend only to frown,
The thoughts I think, Only Bring me down,
Its a damn good thing That I Run this Town,

My Soul Screams as I think of my Past
My Mind dreams as I Begin to Relax
Thank God for this roof that is Over my head
For if i look to the sky ill remember Im dead,

The people I knew
the People I loved
They threw me aside
As I Thrashed and I Shoved

But now That Im Older
It's clear My Minds Bolder
I am stronger then Them
I Will be Stong till the End.

But until I am Dead,
And I can rest my head,
There is Work to Be done,
So let Us Have some fun...

So let me tell you now My Young and Numb Friends,
There was pain in your past,
The pain That will last,
This lifes only the begining,
For there Is no True end,

If you want me to show you,
I now Hold out my hand,
I can Teach you to Fish,
I can teach you to dance,

But without Faith,
Your Rod will break And your steps will crumble,
You will have to learn How to be So Humble,
For Life is a gift,
That the Lord has bestode,
You can look forward at the fork in the road,

The right Shows Love,
As the left shows Hate,
But if you cut through the middle,
You Wont need to Be briddle
Nore will you Learn to play that Golden Fiddle,

For the Middle is Free
For the Middle is where you must Be,
If you Go down the middle you will Be Folowing Me,
And if you follow me I shall give you the key,

The key to the Door At the End of the Journey,
The key that will Save you From Eturnal Burning,
When the Door is Open you will see your True Father,
And you will look Down to earth and there will Be no More bother,

I will leave you now For my times not yet come,
I will Leave you with this,
A simple Marching Drum,
Pound it loud and pound it True,

And Never forget,
Someones Watching Over you...

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