How is it, illusion.

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So, I was sitting by myself in the lobby, my friends are back. They gathered in a room, watching the funny version of Robinhood. I didnt feel to join them, I listened to the noise, suddenly felt things were so unreal, and i am so fake... Somebody told me once that the truth is hardly funny...

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



Sun rises, bright.

Blinking.She looks up. A new day. A new week. Dad left. The road is fill with human heads. Hundreds? nope, thousands? millions!

Millions people are around her. Haha, she thinks, the sky is bright, but empty. The road isn't empty, but it's black.

She sees her, with her brother, walking in the middle of the street. There are two lines of trees next to them. Laughes. Love. Peace.

Blinking. Whats next? another crowd, people, or beings... yes, a bunch of beings gather together. Is there still love? No. People- humans- they have emotions. They weep in fear, hopeless, hurts, and death. They laugh in victory, playful intent, love, peace. Weeping and laughing are unconsciously produced. Beings- lifeless moving objects, counterfeit.

Blinking. Its noon. Hot. Suffocating. Haha, entrapping?

Blinking. Stumble. Crash.

Blinking. Its a human nature to seek and try to look for happiness. Again, not human. BEINGS! It their nature to keep chasing after what they think they are able to have because of a thing called egotism. It's human nature to give and to forgive.Yet BEINGS! Its their nature to step on others for survival.

Blinking. Flesh and warm blood makes a human. A cold one doesn't. Stumble. Crash. Illusion gets back to illusion. Imagination or nightmare. No, to lie awake is the nightmare.

"Yet maybe it is these illusions
That allow us the life
To laugh and to breathe
When truth would only astragal
And choke and break"

Blinking. Awake! Awake! Dad is there, opening his big arms... air hug!

"Yet there was a truth
Begging for something
Ripping our own body to shreds"

Sunset. Dark. Let reality be reality


[quotes from Illusion- Sean Moran]


7 blinkings are for 7 days of the week... each day the girl opens her eyes, she thinks from her past to her present. The happiest moment in her childhood was when her dad got back on late friday nights...

The road is black in her memory as she grew up in asia. Because most ppl drive scudders without helmets, she saw a road- millon people- with black hair.

There have been times she wonders the world she has started to be in does have human. It is such a competitive world, ppl step on ppl to survive... Because if you do well in classes, you get respects. If you do well at work, you strengthen your position and you gain salaries. If you are smarter, and you know how to behave well, you gain friendships.If you dont do well, you get nothing beside ice. I was doing well, and the boy i have been into for 2 years started being so nice to me and he talked to me more in awhile...

Anyway, afterward, the winners face you, still talk to you, laugh with you, but consciously. Losers get hurts and being jealous, stap the winners from their backs. Winners enjoy good times, yet unless they ignore their feeling, they always live in doubts and fears of losing something.

Have you ever heard "smart ppl forgive but never forget"?... It is like everybody gives and always expects something in return. In the service organizations, there are tons of ppl who get involve not exactly to do things from the bottom of their hearts.

Basically, its cold bleed that I see. Seriously, ppl always say they try to be nice, they try to be like this, like that... and when they try to be, they are not themselves. They make sad faces when they see you get hurt and cry, who knows who in those sad faces contain laughes inside...

When the girl screamed: "Awake!Awake!" was when the mix between the real and the unreal happened... in the past she tried to keep herself up every Friday nights. It was real. However, for the present, it is her illusion, panicking looking for a protective place, where there are humans.

You can not run from reality by any mean, right? it hurts, but reality is reality... It is stolid.

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