The Days That Shape Our Lives

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My view of high school after finishing. If you're just starting high school or like me, just finishing, please read :) Or anyone really, PLEASE READ!!

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012




We learn a lot in high school, ironically, what we learn has really, nothing to do with our education. But it does makes us better people, which some would argue, is more important than an education. Like me for instance. I hated high school most of the time; all aspects of high school are the recipe for a bad day. Like getting up early, and have to sit in lessons about stuff you really, have no interest in whatsoever and bitchy people who can’t get over themselves (Also known as the ‘popular’ crowd)

Believe me, most of the stuff you’ll learn in high school will be forgotten within a few months. Everything that is, except the life lessons you learned and some pointless facts that are no use to anyone (Did you know that when you sneeze, all your body functions stop, even your heart? I bet you’ll remember that, but if I asked you how to calculate 13 ¾ % of 257.4 you’d struggle), other than those, the only stuff you (or me at least) learned at high school was how to swear, how to piss off the teacher without getting detention, how to write really big so it looks like you did more work, how to text without looking, sleeping without getting caught, and team work is always important on tests. And most importantly, it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown when someone annoys you, but it only takes  4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch-slap that mother-f@%£er in the back of the head!

And people make the mistake that these days, if you don’t go to college and get an amazing degree then you’re going to be a hobo for the rest of your life. And I fell into that trap, but you know what, school isn’t for everyone, it’s not for me, for example when I read a maths problem, this is what I see: If I have 20 apples and 30 oranges how many squirrels could fit in the tree? Answer: 15 because Turtles don’t like hats.

Am I alone on this? Thought not.

One other thing I learned in high school was that I should always respect my parents, and I do, because they didn’t have Google or Wikipedia to do their homework, and damn that must have been hard! I couldn’t have survived French class without Google translate. I know, I know, that was wrong, I shouldn’t have done that; I should have used a more accurate translator! I hated French class. Even though I love languages, and I love French, but my teacher, well, he was…kind of…a little...he was an ass. I’m not going to lie. He told me things like I was the laziest person alive, that my parents didn’t care about me, and that I would never make anything of myself. No joke, 100% true. But I held it together, but on the last day, man did he get a telling off! But that’s another story…

And here I am now. Writing after finishing high school. And even though it was a pain in the ass, I’ll miss it. There’s something I thought I’d never say. I’m going to miss high school. And if I could go back to see little 11 year old me on her first day. I’d tell her it’s ok, you’re not alone, because these are the days that truly shape who you’re going to be in the future. They can make you, and sometimes break you. But one thing is for certain. These are the best days of your life, and sometimes it may not seem like it, and you might want to wish your life away, I know I did. But you’re going to miss them.

People say high school is for getting good grades, so you can get into a good college to get a perfect job. But for me, that wasn’t what high school was. High school was for making memories and friends that you will remember forever. And I hate to quote High School Musical but, we were all in it together, doesn’t matter who you were, or where you came from. Cherish these years, even if you think that high school is ‘so last year’ (imagine that I said that in an annoying valley girl voice, it’s more fun) just sit back and take a second to look around, the cool people are only ‘cool’ because you perceive them that way, they are no different to you, the sandwiches taste WAY better with corn chips in them, and always be the person that you want to be.

Oh and uh, ALWAYS listen to Neil Patrick Harris’s advice (Or Barney from How I Met Your Mother) “When I’m sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead”

Life is like photography, it develops from the negatives. Live. Laugh.Learn.


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