Come Break

Status: Finished

Come Break

Status: Finished

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Come Break Come Break

Poem by: TheScripture


Genre: Poetry



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Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013



The tears have been led astray, and

In the broken wake of glorious reverie,

Now lies the listless monotony of work.

The star's flash 'fore death,

Or the symphony's closing verse

Are akin; energy and brilliance

Where dead silence follows suit.

Yet even though the horseman be headless,

Death is not yet his domain

And his steed is still swift of foot,

Strong of back, and quick of wit.

He may still make his run should he please;

But only to pursue his needs,

For his interests are no longer accountable.

In light of this light,

The vulture will scout his carcass,

Just as the carcass came to death

Of his own means. Should the world

thereafter fall to chaos, let it be for good,

For entropy is the natural state of the world,

And the true engine of progress.

Come break what is broken;

Take the anvil and dash it hot,

'Till the sparks catch fire the shop,

Or cleft the atom down the seam,

Let its power wipe clean the slate.

For if two wrongs make right,

Then surely doubled dark would make light.

© Copyright 2016 TheScripture. All rights reserved.

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