White Hot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

first rhyming poem I've done in a while.

The blackness once was free to reign,

And stars were free to flourish

The night would neither lose, nor gain

No light-eaters to nourish


But time would pass, and so would life

To make do on its own

And in the hopes to end their strife,

Cast blackness from his throne.


The blackness lost its resting place

And so it had to search

But nowhere throughout time and space

Could it find a proper perch


Desperate only to survive,

It locked itself inside a box

But soon its home was burned alive

When light-eaters needed locks.


On and on the blackness searched,

To find a home for stars

And after doing his research

His home could not be ours.


He realized that he was trapped

By a light-eater's creation

So soon the stars he carried snapped

With seemingly no explanation.



By fire is the darkness bound

Its only wish is to be free

Through empty space, the cries resound

Let loose your hold, humanity!





Submitted: June 08, 2013

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