Diary of a serial killer entry #4

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Submitted: October 05, 2013

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Submitted: October 05, 2013



7/7/18 Okay i have the script for Jasmine and it is so awesome, I think she will be the most suitable choice for my film, She is hot and beautiful so i will have lots of fun i know it,

I also have a bit of venting to do but it is not quite a big problem, I want a girlfriend but how am i supposed to get one? That is easy, I will just keep her in the basement and tie her up, I will sedate her often to keep her weak but i digress about my needs for a girlfriend,

I have the best tool for jasmine’s scene, I have a rod that i have been making red hot to see if it would work well, It burns wood to a crisp so i guess it will do wonders on her insides,

Okay so i will use the police uniform to get the girlfriend i have been talking about, Just say she needs to come with me for some reason then sedate her, Simple as that,

I feel as though they underestimate me, Ha ha curfew, What a joke, I usually kill indoors anyways, I may just kill Jasmine tonight because the anticipation and waiting is killing me, But i can’t forget about the red hot rod, I really need to shove it deep into her hole, Every hole, I need her screams, Her blood, Her panicked expression, So erotic,

I feel great, I am talked about on TV and on the radio, Songs will most likely be wrote about me, As well as movies, I am so happy, I finally amounted to something, Even if it is serial killing i feel amazing that i’m this popular, I am being talked about everywhere, By the president “This serial killer will be caught, And the panic over this monster will be done” Is how the president put it,

My family want’s me to visit them tomorrow so i have to get this done fast, Jasmine’s flesh will be peeled off on camera so perfectly, This is the director signing off,

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