Eyes and Lies

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This is one of my first writings. It was written a few years ago. I wrote it to describe the many lies told every day.

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013






It always begins with the eyes.

The promise of eternity, the infinite possibilities.

Color does not change this fact. Green, blue, brown, they always say the same thing.

 “I could be the one.”

As I have found time after time, longing can be blinding. Manipulative.

 The message the seemingly honest eyes send skewed by the desire for companionship.

The desire for the missing piece.  Some more convincing than others.

Though over time they reveal all that is intended, all that is wanted, and all that is felt.

 The eyes cannot lie, even when used by the best. The eyes betray the user.


The mouth is the distraction from the truth of the eyes.

The mouth weaves, so beautifully, the intricate lies.

The mouth changes and contorts as it must. The things it must say to fulfill all its lust.

 For some it so well distracts from the eyes, that all who lean near it, get caught in the sticky silver silk that so

carefully and meticulously entangles them.


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