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All people want is to be normal like any other human being, so badly that instead he becomes something grotesque and full of hatred for beauty he can’t have.

Submitted: September 13, 2014

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Submitted: September 13, 2014





Why do we wear masks? Is it so that we can hide our faces? Or perhaps it is to provide mystery and make us feel brave when no one knows who we are. What if you remove the mask and find that there is no face underneath? Happiness could be a mask for sadness. There are many masks in the world. There is a man named Lawrence walking down the street (his last name does not matter to this story.) Lawrence has his own mask that he shows to the world. Each day he wakes up and he enters his empty house and he sleeps in an empty bed alone, and he pulls off his mask and he hangs it on the wall next to his dresser. One day Lawrence took off his mask and there was no face where one should be.

“I’m tired of needing to hide my emptiness.” He picked up his mask and he stared at it for a long while until finally he thought

“What if I make this my permanent face?” then I wouldn’t be hiding anything.” At this thought he grabbed a needle and thread and he went to work on his new face. The next day when his face was done he looked in the mirror. He screamed and he cried out in horror.

“What have I done?!”

“What have I created?!”

He tried to walk around outside like everything was the same, but the others were repulsed and disgusted by him. All he wanted was to be normal and be like the others but then he passed by a window that showed him his own reflection. The thing that he saw wasn't what he used to wake up to in the mirror on any other day. You can see the black thread he used to sew his mouth on a little crooked so that it was just a small sneer. His eyelid was too wide and was up to his eyebrow and the other one was so droopy that he could barely see from it. The nose was all wrong and it came up to a point and it was facing to the left. Some people that walked by him would gasp or run away. It was almost too much to take until one word finally broke him. A man walking by looked at him and said “ Just look at the poor creature. It's hideous.”

That was the word that broke him and made him lose mental capacity at last. “ Creature” the word struck him so hard that he lashed out and yelled at the passing humans. “How dare you! I'm a human too! I'm human god dammit!” Humans started to stop and stare at him. The whispering in his head started to get louder. “Creature.” “Monster.” “Become what they are calling you.” “Be the monster and kill the humans that have destroyed your mind.”

The creature on the sidewalk suddenly pounce on the man that originally called him a beast and tore his tongue out and ate it in front of the crowd.

“ Is this the monster you so desire?” He screamed out to the crowd. He then lunged at a woman and tore her throat out, she couldn't scream no matter how hard she tried, but all that would come out was her blood rushing out of the gaping hole in her neck. Police came just a few minutes later and they aimed their guns at the beast.

“Freeze!” they yelled

Just after taking a bite out of a child's face the beast whispered “I'm human” and a tear ran down his cheek. Thirteen policemen fired their weapons and thus the man that became a monstrous being because of his strong desire to be normal. He was carried away full of holes.

The End



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