Red Riding Hood

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You all know the orignal Red Riding Hood, but do you know the true version? Red, is carrying a basket, walking through the woods, and then a vistors shows up...And she learned a deep-dark secret about her family.

Submitted: October 01, 2012

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Submitted: October 01, 2012



Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

The ground crackles as the girl walks through the icy cold woods. She had her red velvet covering her pale face, she pants as her lungs burned from the cold, her rosery red cheek darken. Her mother, had asked her to deliver the muffins, a secret ingrident, which nobody would tell her. She takes the golden brown muffin, and sinks her bright white teeth into it, it takes a momment, but she taste a strange range of flavors.


"What Is that strange flavor...?" She asks herself and continues onward


Within a few minutes, she reaches the deeper part of the forest, citizens of the nearby town of Yuam, had claimed these woods were 'Haunted' she said to herself.

"Bull...No way" She secretly didnt know what to think, she only said so to convince herself she'd be okay. She continued walking, as the trees darkened from a light green to dark emerald. The light simmered through the leaves, as the wind howled rushing through the hollow branches playing the meoldy of the trees.

Hours passed before she reaches her grandmothers house, and she is waiting outside, in her bright yellow apron, with pink and purple poka-dolts. She she's the chalk drawn onto the drive-way for her carriage, her light brown and red horses neighing anxiously in the backyard. Her grandmother lifts her skirt slightly, and walks down the stairs, and begins going on.

"Oh, dearie, there you are! It took you longer than I had thought, I was worried." She said, pinching my cheeks, kissing my forehead.I groaned in embarrasment and claimed"Im fine, geesh. Here are the muffins you asked me to bring..." I thought of the strange flavor, I know as a fact I had tasted somthing similar. I thought for a momment, and asked her"Hey grandma, you would tell me anything right...?"

"Of course, sweetie-pie!"

I hated her nick-names. Hated them. I then asked

"Whats the secret ingrident in these? Nobody will tell me...."

she stands there, shocked, and silent and replies with "Our hearts, our love. Thats what we put in there" she says with a cheery smile.

I shrugs, and give up I higly doubted she would tell me the truth anyways. I thought to myself 'worth a try'

She calls me "Come on, Red. I bet you hungry!"

I jump at the sound, food, I was straved! I rush inside, without pushing her out of the way, although I admit, I was debating whether I should or shoudlnt.

On the table, laid was seemed as feast, a moutain of potatoes drowned in butter, a entire chicken; the skin a crisp just as I like it. And then her special cherry pie, sitting on the counter steaming. I smile, drooling almost, and dive into a chair, and try to control myself while tearing the skin from the chicken, and beneath it light meat. I smile, and grab spoon, dumping to mashed potatoes onto my place. Pie was last, always.

I dig into the food, and when Im finished, Im stuffed, room for pie? No? Dont care, I take a spactuala and slide a peice onto my place, and dig in, the sweet and sour smell kills me, the cherries pouring out covered in jam. I smile, and wipe my finger on the plate, and lick it, savoring every taste, and lick. I place my fork starting from the front, the edge and plant the crumbled peice of pie into my mouth. All of 30 seconds, the pie is gone, she smiles and look at me

"Child, do they feed you?" she says jokingly

I nod, and giggle; my voice sticky from the cherry jam. She takes the muffins out of the basket, when the door begins to shake, as if sombody were trying to bust it down.

A growl emmits from the door, and she orders me to go into the basment, I ask

"What why? What is that sound?" 

She gives me a glance, and I go into the basment and lock the doors. Within a momment, of complete silence, I heard some break, then another. It sounds like somebody throwing a place, the glass hitting the wall shattering into a million peices. I crouch into the shadows scared out of my mind, a million quistions overloading me. I unlock the door, and open it a inch and watch. I see a creature, a wolf; yes a large wolf fly into the wall. It sits there for a momment, and growls getting up with trouble.

Seonds later my grandmother comes into site, her face morphed, she looks years younger, her eyes seem pitch black, her face curved, almost indented. She hisses, and jumps onto the wolf, and try to bite him. In a knick of a second it evades her attempt, her just nipping its tail. It runs out of the door, retreating. The door creaks, and she turns her attention, and see me.


She saw me, and walks towards the door, and opens it, I fall onto the floor, her face now seems normal...But what just happened?

She then picks me up, with amazing strength, and set my on the couch, and sits next to me. And then attempts to explain

"I think your confused...Scared, or what you just wit-"

I cut her off "Scared? No I'm terrified what just happened?!"

She takes a deep breath, and tries to explain with

"Well, we're...Vampires, even you. You just dont know yet, you mother, father, brother, all of us. We drink blood, dont have reflections, cant enter holy places." She says

"This is crazy!" I shout and get up, and grab my red hood, she takes it from my hand

"I can prove this hood, protects you from the sun, gives you a reflection, makes you seem mortal."

I am starting to believe. I am always wearing my hood, Im scolded when I dont, and I ask

"Why keep this from me?"

"Because your not ready to know."
"And the wolf?"

"A werewolf" she said quickly, and adds "Our sworn enemeis."

This is too much, I grab my bag a leave, she tries to make me stay, but realizes its no use and gives up.

I leave the door, the horse neighing crazily, in what seems like fear. I walk down  the ragged dirt path, and follow it. It begans to dimmer, when I hear a chuckle, a mysterious man walks from behind to bushes. He's wearing a black cape, it wrapped around his body, and necklace on him, shaped a gem, on the inside a black liquid lay. He smiles, and says

"Its dangerous to be here alone" He says shadily. I see a small fang peer from his mouth, and realize, he's the wolf.

I back up, and try to talk my way out of it

"I've gotta go, sombody expecting me..." I back up, straight into a tree. He emits a low growl from his throat, and walks back into the bushes. I sigh in relief, and continue walking. The events she saw, back at her grandmothers playing over and over in her head.

Suddenly her body hit the ground, the wolf on her, a necklace wrapped around its neck. It growls, smiling almost, and bites harshly onto my shoulder and blood surronds me. I need to get away, I get up, and run, the wolf doesnt move, stays there standing. I run, and hearl a howl after a momment, it wasnt letting me go...

It was giving me a head-start.

I run through the path, continuously getting hit by the branches, I hear somthing behind me, he's incher closer...and closer.

Im on the ground again, I see it hand, covered in blood and hair. It places it on my chest, I know now, its the end of me. It digs it claws into my chest, and rips out my heart. Snow begins to fall, as my skin goes dim.

Its the end, my life flashes before my eyes. My eyes flicker, and close everything is now black.

My cloak no longer red, but now a colorless white.


The End

By: Moira Garcia.


© Copyright 2018 Moira Garcia. All rights reserved.

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