The haunted pumpkin patch

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Just a story I wrote when I was bored..

Submitted: July 08, 2010

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Submitted: July 08, 2010



“You’re going to Disney again?” I say in desperation. Alicia laughs and says “Maybe next year you can come.”She puts her hand on my shoulder, I brush it off.

I’ve never liked Halloween. Dressing up and acting all stupid just isn’t fun for me. I’d rather just hang with friends and watch movies. My friends don’t’ feel the same way. Alicia is going to a Halloween party at Disney land. Drew is going to be spending it trick or treating with his brother.

Alicia and I part ways as I head towards home behind a group of popular 8th graders. Mike, Jim, and Avril.While walking I overhear Mike.“Did you guys hear about Al? He disappeared completely last Halloween.” Jim cuts in “Yeah, his mom says he went out to meet a friend and never came home.” Avril interrupts “That story is completely untrue. He moved to live with his dad.” The boys laugh. “Yeah sure.”

I get home to another Friday afternoon with nothing to do but sit here. It could be worse I could have homework. I flip through the channels on T.V, nothing on. Nothing is ever on. “Alison” My mom calls me from the kitchen. Lazily I get up and drag myself to kitchen. Her long brown straight hair is draped across her tan face. “What?” I say with a bit of resentment. “Have you done your homework.” I nod. “Have you mopped the living room?” I shake my head no. She looks at me with a disappointed look upon her face.

“Another day another chore. Clean this, mop that.” I mumble to myself “It must be nice to have a kid to push around. I can’t wait to have kids of my own.” Why couldn’t our living room be carpeted? Well at least I’m not bored now, just angry.

I finish up cleaning the living room and promptly sit back down on the couch. The door bell rings, mom shouts. “Can you get that.” I sigh and slowly make my way over to the door and open it.

A boy stands in front of me, about my age, 12 with short brown hair and overly large blue eyes. He has pale white skin and freckles on his cheeks. With a smile on his face he says “Hey, I’m your new neighbor.” I stare at him for a moment, he blushes. “Hi, I’mAlison.”He responds “I’m PJ” My mom shouts from the kitchen “Who is it.” I quickly turn and shout “No one.” I walk out the door pushing him to the side and close. I turn to him and say “I need to get out of here let’s go do something.”

We arrive at a large pumpkin patch. Most of the pumpkins have been cleared out.The leftover ones are half rotted. “Halloween tomorrow, what are you going to be?” PJ asks. I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween since I was 8. “I don’t celebrate Halloween.” I say snidely.“That’s a shame, it’s my favorite holiday.” he replies deviously. I laugh at the way he says it and reply “So what are you going to dress up as?”He looks at the watch on his wrist and says “I need to get home.” I ask the question again. From the distance he says “Tomorrow meet me here at 7 and I’ll show you.”

An hour till 7, I begin to look through my closet. “I can’t believe I’m going to dress up for Halloween.” I say out loud to myself. I pull out the pink dress I wore on my birthday and quickly put it on. I pull a plastic tiara out of my jewelry box that I got when I was 7. I go to my mirror and look at myself.“Abracadabra you’re a princess!” I say to the mirror and blow myself a kiss.

I walk downstairs to see my mom watching T.V with a bowl of candy in her hands. I watch as she sorts through the bowl grabbing out the chocolates and eats them. I walk behind her towards the door. I call out “Mom I’m going trick or treating.” She doesn’t turn just says “Have fun.” I sigh and leave.

I make my way down to the pumpkin patch.A breeze blows from the North, the light from the sunset make the field feel magical. I look towards the sunset and see a shadowy figure. The figure begins to walk towards me.

As it gets closer I can see it’s PJ, but he’s not wearing a costume. Feeling stupid, I say “Where’s your costume.” His eyes begin to glow bright red and he smiles. Then strikes out and grabs me. Scared I quickly back off as he grabs my arm and throws me to the ground.I quickly try to get up, but I am all tangled in the vines from the pumpkin patch. They begin to tighten around my legs. I turn myself over but PJs not there. I struggle and fight to get myself out of the vines. They begin to tighten and pull me into the ground. I hear a voice echo in my head “You are my costume.” The voice shouts as everything goes black.

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