The Conquerring Squirrel

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I got the idea for the title from Edgar Allan Po's "The Conquering Worm".

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



A Memoir
("The Conquering Squirrel”)
Once in my lifetime, several years ago,
I was playing tag with my friends, the sun was a-glow.
One friend was older, another was younger,
Little did I know of my shameful blunder!
My older friend was IT, and the younger and I ran,
My friend, she said to me, “We’ll escape, we can?”
I replied, “I don’t know,
Here he comes! we must go!”
IT ran after her and I ran to our BASE,
T’was a large oak tree, and to it I had to race!
For my friend, IT, he came after me,
I jumped for my life, and was happy as could be!
I made it barely to the tree.
IT gave up, and he ran after her,
I was so glad, I could purr!
That is, until something occurred.
I was shocked to tears, my vision blurred.
I ran inside, screaming for mom,
“Mom, get me towel!” And for the showers I bombed!
I came outside, a half-hour after,
And I shut my head out to all of the laughter.
Because the dastardly deed, the thing that occurred,
That thing that was so ubsurd;
I sat there thinking I’d be dead –
Because a squirrel peed on my head!
I'm it!!

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