A Strange Dream...

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Something totally off the charts strange, but aren't all dreams?

Submitted: March 13, 2012

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Submitted: March 13, 2012




My Dream...

Life on Earth has been taken over by a virus, and it is spreading rapidly. The side effects are dangerous, almost as if it were a rage virus. The remaining survivors have taken refuge in a large structure. Since man-kind is in danger, the structure will keep the human species from becoming extinct. Being inside the structure, steam and mechanical work thrive in some places. It's almost as if it were being in a steam factory. The color-theme of this section of the structure is the color brown.

The Leader of Earth is a hovering robot , about the size of the human head. Although one would think this leader would not be affected by what is happening, it is actually skeptical about what is going on. Skepticism leads to fear, and the cabinet of leaders urge the leader of Earth to stick with the plan they have devised, but the leader is a coward and fleas from the structure, screaming and yelling to itself. The Vice-Leader of Earth, a human, is now in control of the remaining human survivors.

The floor shakes. Things start to rumble and fall. One's ears start to tremble. The structure is moving. Everyone discovers that this structure is a technically advanced spaceship.

The spaceship has a color-theme of the color blue. It resembles that of the structure of a tower. The ways of cosmic propulsion are unknown.

Yelling, fighting, and rage erupt. Rage breaks out at first, but when man wants to know what is going on, the VL tells them that they are to travel to the skies. They are to travel to a local star 4 light-years away that happens to have intelligent life living in the star system. The destination is Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C).

Two races of intelligent life dominate the solar system. Computer monitors display information of the species, but classifications of the races are unknown. One of the races are hunters of the forest that live on a planet similar to Earth. They are a part human, part horse-like species. They have horns like the devil, but the horns are white. No evil is noticed in the psychology of this species. They welcome us to stay with them.

The other species is not described at all. However, they live on a Mars-like planet. Unlike Mars though, the temperature is more hospitable with a much thicker atmosphere. It's as if the planet is going under the early stages of terraformation. The planet still has the red planet look to it, with traces of frozen water below the crust. The civilization living on this planet has migrated here from another star system. Their technology is revered, better than that of the previous species in the system, and even better than the human technological tipping point. The monitors display a picture of chrome and metal structures on a cut-in flat surface of land based on a rocky slope on the red planet. They are more advanced structures compared to human technology.

As I stand in awe and disbelief about heading toward a star 4 light-years from the sun, I have this strange feeling. I don't know if I'm scared, anxious, or awed. Man has never been able to travel the light-year. But where did this ship come from? How does the Vice Leader know about this destination? Are we to let Earth live on it's own with a savage virus at it's control? Will the pure man be able to visit Mother Earth someday in the future? Maybe the remaining infected will die out and man can take refuge again. But that may be awhile. Decades, centuries. For now, I get to embark on an adventure to the heavens. It's so weird to think of traveling to one of the nearest stars like going to our backyard.

The final visual I remember is being about 1 mile away from the ship. It takes off using the conventional human-like jet propulsion to escape the pull of gravity. The sun shines in the distance on a clear day with no cloud in the sky. I’m in a desert near the ocean.It's time for man to live somewhere else in order to expand and explore.

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