Never Another

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Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Never another.

She watches you intently,
Concern deep within her eyes,
She’s become the only one,
To whom you don’t tell lies.

She’s so used to fixing things,
And is holding you together,
But no matter how long she’s around,
you know it’ll never be forever.

You’ve never felt so wanted,
She only wants you to smile,
It doesn’t matter for how long,
Even if only for awhile.

Whilst being thankful for her presence,
You can’t help feeling lost in doubt,
You can’t help wondering who will get in the way,
and leave you without.

She has seen the state of your wrists,
And the hate for yourself you hold,
You can spend hours in her company,
It never does get old.

But one worry,
Is growing inside of your mind,
What if you annoy her,
What if she stops being so kind?

For a month now,
She’s asked you to believe her,
She’s adamant you’re special,
But to disagree, you couldn’t be quicker.

Part of you,
Longs to believe it,
But else can you do?
You have no hope in anything, whilst your innocent wrists you slit.

You hope she’ll stick around,
Maybe for longer than the other,
You don’t want to be left alone again,
You don’t want there to be another.




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