Silly Randomness

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A funny poem I wrote while reading depressed poems. I just thought that even though there are sad poems, there's bound to be some happy ones as well.

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



A scribbled message needing to deliver,
A romantic scene when he just needs to kiss her,
A meaning found in every symbol and word,
Describing the color of love and the color of a turd,

What's wrong? What's with that face?
Can't comedy be found in a poetry place?
Whats' wrong? What's with the smile?
Can't this poem just bring happiness for awhile?

Unsure what to do, I clap my hands,
No longer wishing for anyone to understand,
Unsure what to say, I sing my ass off,
I'll stop when I need  a breath or drop,

Me? Feeling alone? Feeling "out there"?
No, I'm laughing so hard I need air!
A silly little poem just to show,
There's not always a depressing poem,

So with a smile tugged on my lips,
I really hoped you enjoy this,
So as I take my bow and my leave,
Happiness is what I promise to bring!


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