Wild Beauty

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A short extract, of a project in progress. About a man, that falls in love with mans worst nightmare.

Submitted: April 24, 2015

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Submitted: April 24, 2015



As the carnivorous night began to rapidly devour the light of day, Rio de Janeiro welcomed the night with open arms. The atmosphere was a high on an ecstasy of excitement. Every night seemed a celebration of sorts and this was why most people come there to relax.

Our expedition was set to commence tomorrow. It was in to the unterittorized, uncharted, wild Amazon Rain Forest that we were to enter. A Brazilian myth had caught my attention some 4 years ago, about a tribe of people who dwelled in the jungle. This so called “Sheela Tribe” were said to be savage cannibalists but were never seen by man. And for this reason, I wished to explore this chastised land. For 2 years, I had been tracking the jungle, for any signs of human inhabitants, and there came no results. Up until 2 days ago, when my tracking system picked up human activity in a part of the jungle that no man has ever visited before.

Our P-Boat was ready at the riverside along with my team of six men. The luggage, camping and surveillance equipment was loaded on-board and we took off. The journey, though long and dreary, offered a well-deserved rest, which I pounced on readily. It was a difficult landing but thanks to our highly experienced pilot we managed to land safely. Night was already beginning to creep up on us, so we decided to set up camp and continue at sunrise. After a meal of tinned-fish, we all retired to our individual tents. And I immediately dosed off.

I awoke. Something was different. I was alone. In an unknown place. A hut. Everything was a blur. How did I get there? Where are the others? Why am I here? Hesitantly I crept to the entrance of the hut and went out. I was met by the most unexplainable feeling.

There she was. Savagely well set hair. A neatly ripped lion skin skirt. An evil sparkle in her eyes. She faced me, a knife in one hand, my life in the other, and she smiled. A smile with sinister consequence along with a pinch of seductiveness. She seemed to be a tamed beast. Her body, adept to her surroundings yet with elegance. She was an oxymoron of a deepest level. A contradiction of a higher grade. My body said to run, yet my heart seemed to want me to stay. I was fixated at that point. I knew the fate that awaited me, yet I chose to stay.

With the swiftness of a snake, she moved toward me, her knife gradually rising, as is the climax of any good movie. I couldn’t move, I was entranced by this wild beauty …

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