The Birth of a Hero

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Where it all began.

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



 "David? David, wake up." A voice from seemingly nowhere commanded.

  "wha...what?" He opened his eyes for the first time. His eyes beheld the cosmos, in its vastness. "where am I? Who am I?"

  "Be calmed child. All will become clear to you shortly, but know this, you were created for a purpose, you are one of the most important beings ever to be created. You are David, the nomad."

  "who are you? and why me?" His head turns this way and that, looking for the source of the voice speaking to him. There were only more stars.

  "I am everything, yet nothing. I am your creator, and the creator of all. I have created you specifically to deal with problems I have need of being fixed. I shall now show you the knowledge you will need for your duty. Prepare yourself."

  The universe in its mystery was explained to david in that moment, not everything, because what is a journey without it's surprises, but information many will never know was given to him.

  David screamed, not out of pain, but with the amount of data streaming through his head would normally drive a man mad. Then it all stopped. David stood upon his platform in the sky and set his face with a grim resolve. "I am ready."

  "you will need this, it will allow you passage through space time." With those words, a metal band drifted down to david, who took it, and attached it to his right arm. It had a small moniter with buttons, and a small dial that he could spin. "You know how to use it, so use it well."

  " I will." And at that moment David walked off the platform, and into his long life of wandering and adventure.

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