My Side Story to The Walking Dead

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Zombie apocalypse

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



Chapter 1

\"David, they're coming!\", whispered Sarah, peeking behind the curtains.

\"Dangit\", I mumbled as I cocked my rifle. \"Jimmy, go get in the cellar.\"

\"But I wanna hel...\"

\"Now dam***!\" 

Jimmy immediately shrunk over to the trapdoor that led to the basement.

Jimmy was 12 years old, noticeably short for his age, and shot like a natural with my pistol. He had dark blonde hair, hazel eyes, and face full of freckles. He's always wanted to help every time one of them came along, ignoring me as I tried to explain that it would be to dangerous. On one occasion I had to tie him down in the basement, and I've been ready for his revenge taking ever since.

\"You didn't have to be like that\", exclaimed Sarah, frowning.

\"Otherwise he would've stayed, you know that. Now get in position, alright?\" \"Fine.\" She ran upstairs, setting up so she could shoot from our bedroom window. She had always acted frantic about the plan, saying that she should be down with me, in case they broke down the door. She had always been overprotective, even before our marriage. The halloween before the accident, she had highlighted her hair pink, and ever since the water went out, she's been unsuccessful with getting it out. It also doesn't help that it's almost impossible to take her seriously. Ever try to argue with a bright, pink headed women? 

Sarah had blue eyes, an obsession with collecting '80's disco records, and, of course, the pink hair. She was lean, claiming that Jimmy was a growing boy and needed bigger rations.   Then the moaning started. I wished Sarah good luck, and walked over to the window. I took a deep breath and tore down the curtain.

\"Oh Jesus.\"

There were dozens of them, scattered across our yard, all lumbering toward us, coming for me, my wife, and my boy. I opened  the window, scoped out one of the unholy ba******, and took the first shot. I took out two others before the first rotten corpse even fell to the ground.

Did I forget to mention we're in a zombie apocalypse?

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