She doesn't care

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I hate living with her.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Everybody has a mom. Deceased or alive, everyone has one.

I can see people with theirs in public, with a smile on their faces. At school I hear how good someone's mom is. If only mine was like that.....


You ignore me when you get home.

I have looked to you for guidence, only to be turned down.

You crushed my dreams. But encouraged his.

My brother is younger than me. You allow him to curse and put me down. But the moment a "bad word" escapes my lips I get yelled at or slapped.

You say you have no money. You work two jobs, buy two packs a day and use your money only on yourself.

I come home hungry from school to an empty house. Water is the only thing we have left.

You say you love me but you dont want anything to do with me.

You make all my decisions for me. As if you control my whole life.

And when I am angry or sad you ask why, like you are always concerned.

You took away my right to go to church, which was the only thing that made me happy.

You only want to make yourself look good to your friends but make me look bad in the procces.

Everynight you say you love me.

I dont have to explain myself to you. I refuse to do so.

You are a big reason for the cuts on my arms.


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