An Accidentally Love

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A Love Story Of a girl with full of ambition and a rich naughty boy who will fall in love with her accidentally. :D

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



One summer vacation. One teenager girl lives beside the seashore that was really far to the town. She was really smart but a noisy one, sporty, and very beautiful and also kind but if she lost her temper, she will explode and she really hates boastful and arrogant people. They lived in a simple life even though they have no money. She works at a restaurant in the town as a waitress during summer to earn money for her studies this coming year. And on Sunday, her rest day, she went to the sea with her father to look for different kinds of seashells. Her father is a fisherman and her mother was already dead 5 years ago.She was Polyn Galendez, a 16 year old lady and a fourth year high school student at St. Matthew Academy. It is a private school for rich people but she got an scholarship because she was really an intelligent girl and many teachers and students admired her but also many girls was so insecure about her because she was the most intelligent student in their class.

The summer ends and the school year begins. She wake up early to go to school because her school was very far from their house. While Polyn was walking, she notice a car coming. And when the car passed her, she was nearly hit by the car. The driver get out to apologize. He was just a teenager handsome guy. He offered Polyn a ride. Polyn look at her watch and she saw that she was already late so she accepted his offer. When the guy ask where she will go,Polyn said that she will be going at St. Matthew Academy. When the guy heard that, he smile. A few minutes passed, they already arrived at the school. Polyn say thank you and got to her classroom in a hurry.

After the break time, the teacher came in. He announced that they will have a new transfer student. When he called the transfer student, the girls in the room shouted cause their new classmate is a boy and he is very very handsome and cool guy. Polyn was surprised because he was the guy before. The teacher introduced him at the class. He was Anthony Lopez, 17 years old. A very very naughty one but smart, cool and handsome. The teacher ask Polyn as the president of the whole class to take a tour to the whole school with Anthony and also ask Anthony to sit beside Polyn so that it will be easy for him to ask if he needs some help.

Anthony become popular at school and also to the girls because he is so cool and handsome and really really smart. Anthony become the top 1 in the class and the second was Polyn. Polyn never give up to defeat Anthony but she really couldn't. All girls at school have crushes on Anthony except for Polyn. She always think how to defeat Anthony.

One day, when Polyn was eating at the canteen with her best friend, Cloe, the rich girls Anna, Mina and Kate went to her."You will never, ever defeat Anthony because you're a lose and he is mine", Anna said, the leader, while laughing. Anthony heard what Anna said. " I'm not yours! And she's not a loser. Can you beat her? Ha!! Can You?!" Anthony said. The girls Didn't say anything and go away.

After the class is over, Polyn is always going at the seashore because she really loves the sea. While she was walking, she step a broken coral on her feet and she was wounded. A guy saw her and help her. She was surprised because she saw that it was Anthony. She say thank you to him and ask why he was there. Anthony told her that their house was just there behind the island. And he also love the sea.Since then, Anthony and Polyn was going there together after school.

Valentines day is coming. Students at St. Matthew are already busy for the coming prom night. Many girls are asking Anthony if he can be their date but Anthony always ignored them. As the president, Polyn as very very busy and no time for resting. She's not even going at the seashore with Anthony. Anthony was worried about Polyn. One afternoon, Polyn sit in a chair and take a nap. Anthony saw her and accompany her until she awakes. The class is over and all students gone home but Polynwas still their. When Polynwas fixing something, someone grab her and tried to kiss her but before that happened Anthony came in and said, " Hey, Hey! Wait a minute. That's my girl! Don't even lay hands on her." And punch the guy on his face. The guy run fast. Polyn was very thankful because Anthony was there for her. Anthony promised to her that he will be always there for her to save her. After he said that to Polyn, Polyn fainted and Anthony catch her. Polynwas so hot. Anthony bring her home and tell everything to her father. Anthony stay to her side until she recover.

After 3 days, Polyn was fully recovered. She was so worried about the programs and decorations at school because she was gone for 3 days. It's alreadyValentines day and the prom night. Polynwent to school in a rush. When she enter the school gate, she saw many decoretions. The school was full of hearts. It was well arranged as what she planned for the valentines day. She ask her vice president who did it. The vice told that it was Anthony. She went to Anthony and ask why he did it and how did he know what she planned for the valentines. Anthony told her that he is always following her to make sure that she is okay. He help to finished the decorations to help Polyn and not to make her worry about the prom. Polyn was really thankful about it.

Anthony confessed his love to Polyn and Polyn accepted it because she also love Anthony at the first place. They enjoyed the prom night and become happy together.


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