The Crying Voice

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A short story about the crying voice of a little girl....

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



One dark night, one old lady was walking on the dark street by herself. While she was walking, she notice a little girl sitting on a bench crying. She walk toward the little girl to ask why but before she ask her a track passed by and when she looked back, the girl disappeared. She can't believed on what just happened. On the other night, Tommy , a reporter and 23 year old man walk on the same street. He also hear the same cry. He couldn't find where the voice was coming from. He shouted "Where are you? Why are you crying? Maybe I can help you." And then the crying voice stop.


Early in the morning, Tommy wake up early to go to his work. When he was taking a bath, he heard the same cry again but he ignored it.  Before he left his house, he heard some a kid's voice saying, "Help me! Please help me!" He thought that it was nothing but starting that night, he always hear the same voice and now even to his dreams. He can't sleep well and can't concentrate to his work so he decided to go back to the road where he first heard the voice. He ask people passing by if they know something about that street but they don't know anything. 


One day, he went to that street again and ask again. He saw an old street man sitting on the side of the road and ask him. "Good morning sir. Can I ask something?" Tommy ask. The old man replied, "of course." And Tommy ask about that street and he found out that  2 weeks passed there was a very beautiful little girl who was on her way home but few hours and a day passed her mother was so worried because she still not going back. Her mother couldn't find her until now. Based on what the old man said the little girl was very beautiful. He thought that maybe something bad happened to the little girl and that was the girl that he always heard. And why the voice is not leaving him is because he said that he can help her. So he find something that he can use to find out what happen.


One day, when he went back to that street, he felt someone was following him. And when he looked back he saw that it was just the old man. And the old man said " Hi! I forgot to tell you something about the other day. On that night, I saw a man carrying a big plastic bag and brought it there, behind that big box over there." while pointing his finger to a narrow passage. Tommy went in to the narrow passage to look for it and he saw it. When he open the plastic bag, he was shock and saw a dead body of a girl. And before he can get out of that passage, the old man blocked him and try to kill him with a knife. "Why? What did I do?" Tommy said with fear on his eyes. The old man replied with a laughing voice, "What did you do? You're looking for that girl and never give up so I said everything to you so I can get your trust. Now you can be with her! WHAHAHA!!" Tommy ask with a shock, "Yoouu're the one who kill her?" The old man replied, "YES!" and try to kill him again.Tommy don't know what to do but he heard the voice again saying, " Thank You for finding me. Now, don't you worry, I'll help you." And then the little girl show to them and get the knife and use it to the old man. The old man did not died but the police bring him to the prison.


After on what happen, the little girl's mom thank Tommy so much. Now the little girl's ghost is now on peace.



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