His Little Daydream Comes True

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A little boy and his day dream comes true..

Submitted: August 10, 2010

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Submitted: August 10, 2010



A little boy sit's down under a tree and gazes up into the tree tops. He rests his head on the tree's trunk and closes his bye eyes. His brown hair sparkled a little bit as the sun shined on it. He slowly images a girl his age with blonde curls and big green eyes, she's wearing a white dress.

This little boy always imagined this little girl; and every night at bedtime he would pray to himself that his little princess was real, he had named her Eve.

Then he imagined a racetrack, Eve, now wearing a red racing outfit. He would count down in his head from five and once he got to zero he would imagine her brown curls flying out the window as she sped off.

Now, he opens his eyes and a little girl was looking at him in confusion. "What are you doing?" She asks sitting infront of him. She looked like the girl in his imagination- daydream. "Thinking. And you?" He asks looking her over. He smiles. "I dunno, watching you.." She says crawling on the grass and plopping herself beside him.

"I'm not interesting. What's your name?"

"Yes you are, very, like you were imagining a beautiful girl. My name is Eve."

The boy grabs her hand and looks into her green eyes and says "I have been waiting."

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