A new Jutsu

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Warning: Dub-con, swearing, Yaoi,

This is probably going to be the ONLY piece of fanfiction that I will put on this site. This was a joint fic between a friend and I, but she died before she could see whether people liked it. To honor her work I post this story as much as I can >:

Sasuke tests out the jutsu that has been placed on Naruto.

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



This is probably going to be the ONLY piece of fanfiction that I will put on this site. This was a joint fic between a friend and I, but she died before she could see whether people liked it. To honor her work I post this story as much as I can >: That being said, any mistakes in here... I don't have the heart to edit so forgive any mistakes you do find. I do not own Naruto. The characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. This does not follow the actual story (though there is a little bit that does such as Sasuke being with Orochimaru’s team, but other than that nothing.) AND both boys are....well Naruto is 18 and Sasuke is 19
Warnings: Dub-con; yaoi; swearing

"We need him to be out of Akatsuki's reach. So since he is all too vulnerable in that stupid village, he'll be our prisoner here. Sasuke, he will stay in your living quarters for the time being."
Sasuke had dozed off throughout the whole sound ninja meeting until he had heard the mention of Naruto. He stared at Orochimaru.
"Huh?" What a classic response.
Orochimaru was not happy with repeating himself. The snake glared.
"I was referring to how much stronger your brother would be were he to get a hold of Kyuubi. Therefore Naruto is going to be living with you."
"Why me? Can't you get someone else?"
Orochimaru smirked.
"Oh I can if you refuse. I'm sure Kabuto would find...medical uses for him. Or perhaps he could be of some stress relief to me. Either one suits me jus--"
"I'll take him then, sheesh."
Sasuke stood and made his way out of the meeting room, ignoring the 'tsk's of disapproval from Orochimaru's people, as they were treated.
He glanced back at the snake ninja.
"I'll make a jutsu, he will have to obey ever word you say, and every wish will be his command."
Now Sasuke just couldn't refuse that tempting offer.

Now Naruto was bound and gagged on Sasuke's bed, wearing a black and red silk kimono. It was Orochimaru’s idea, to make the situation more enjoyable for the Uchiha. The top of the Kimono had come undone due to Naruto's struggling, and the bottom was the same, so it was open all the way up to his thigh, the top showed off quite a bit of his chest. Sasuke drew a sharp breath at the sight and Naruto was alerted to his presence. The blonde stared at him with something akin to fear in his wide eyes. The raven simply walked over and undid the gag in the boys’ mouth.
"Oi teme! What the hell am I doing here?"
He didn't answer, simply stared at his...assignment.
"I don't even remember how I got here, but that ugly snake creep put some kind of jutsu on me and EH SASUKE WHY ARE YOU SMIRKING?!"
He was indeed wearing his trademark smirk. So Orochimaru had put that jutsu on him like he had promised. He decided to try it out.
The shinobi's blue eyes grew wider and wider as Sasuke lowered himself to place his face only centimetres away from Narutos ear. He could hear the boys' heart beating faster than usual and kept his smirk in place at the instant reaction.
"Moan for me..."
Without even thinking about it, a tremor went through the blondes’ body and a mewling moan left his throat. His eyes grew wider than they had been and he gasped in surprise at the sound he had made. Oh this was going to be great fun. Sasuke chuckled in his ear.
"Good boy. Hmm, I can't see your neck properly. Tilt your head back for me."
He did so, giving the Uchiha an eyeful of smooth, slightly tanned and flushed skin. His eyes became like a predator stalking his prey and his mouth hovered dangerously over the pulsing vein in Naruto's throat.
"Hmmm you look delicious."
"S-Sasuke..?! I don't...I don't understand what's going on..."
"Hn. 18 years old and you're still a dobe. Typical. Oh well, I'm not going to take the time it would take to explain something when it's glaringly obvious."
He let his tongue leave his mouth and just barely lick Naruto's skin. The shudder that went through the smaller shinobi’s body pleased him to no end. His tongue went out for a second, longer round and made a small circle on the skin beneath it. he could hear Naruto's breathing become shallow and strained due to the combination of what Sasuke was doing and the position of his tilted head. Sasuke didn't take pity on him and took another step in the same direction he had earlier; he placed his mouth on Naruto's neck. By moving his lips open and using his teeth to grab the soft skin he created a shudder that went through the fox's body like a tornado. He bit gently at first but applied more pressure when he felt the reaction, pulling and sucking on his neck as well as biting.
He did stop, briefly, and admired his handiwork. A bright red mark had appeared and it marked the blonde as his. He smirked and licked around the hickey roughly. His. All his.
"No. Why would I stop when I'm clearly enjoying myself?"
"W-what does that mean?"
He sighed. The dobe wasn't listening, as per usual.
"I said I wasn't going to explain it to you."
Sasuke used his hands to push the boy on to the bed so he was lying on his back, the kimono opening even more to reveal that nice skin that Sasuke was finding tasted very delicious. He positioned Naruto's legs to wrap around the Uchicha's waist and placed his own hands on either side of the blondes head, effectively trapping him. Naruto stared into the black eyes of his captor and Sasuke could see fear, surprise and to his slight shock, pleasure. The knucklehead ninja was enjoying this just like Sasuke was. That made things alot easier. With this in mind, Sasuke dove down and captured Narutos lips, groaning at how sweet they were. His tongue, which was nearly burning to taste Naruto again, forced itself past the blonde boy's lips and into his mouth. The warm cavern was explored thoroughly before he pulled up and whispered in Narutos ear.
"Dobe...why do you taste so good."
Naruto glared at the raven.
"It's not my fault that you're a freak who likes to rape unsuspecting prisoners! Now get off me!!"
Sasuke could literally feel his eyes narrow at the boys words. He had paid him a rare compliment and this was how he was repaid? Well that was certainly going to stop, and Naruto was going to be punished for talking back to his...
Naruto had spoken up suddenly and surprised the Uchiha with what he said. He raised himself up and looked directly into Narutos blue eyes. They were confused as well. Naruto had spoken the word that was on Sasuke’s mind. How?
"Hn. Dobe what did you say?"
"M-master. GAH what the hell?! I didn't mean to say that! No, I did. NO I DID NOT!! Sasuke what the FUCK did that guy DO to me?!?!"
He smirked again, yes this was most fun. He had a very sexy blonde squirming under him and calling him master. What more could he possibly get? His mental question was answered when Naruto raised his hips ever so slightly and pressed against Sasuke's lower region teasing another groan out of him. Naruto's face held shock and that hint of pleasure. Add the close contact and Sasuke knew beyond a doubt that he was indeed enjoying the activity. Sasuke grinned evilly.
"Hmmm.....Do that again only this time I want to hear you begging for me to touch you more."
The dread filled Narutos features and he shook his head vigorously. However because of the jutsu, he couldn't disobey.
"N-no Sasuke, p-please don't....Unm ng. P-please Master. I w-want you...touch me...Please..."
Narutos hips and the sounds he made caused Sasuke to get an instant erection. And the blonde could feel it. He whimpered something that Sasuke couldn't understand but didn't stop moving his hips.
"Yes...just like that," he purred in Narutos ear. "Good boy."
He knew he wouldn't last much longer with Naruto moving like he was, so he reluctantly pulled himself off of the bed. Naruto whimpered again and Sasuke stared at the boy who was now desperately trying to get rid of the hard-on that he'd gotten while he was obeying Sasuke's orders. The smirk appeared on Sasuke's face again and he didn't try to stop it. This assignment that Orochimaru had given him was proving to be better than he had expected. After all, who wouldn't want someone like Naruto moaning and whimpering for them?
Sasuke untied the bow that was around the waist of his sound uniform. After that was done the outfit pretty much fell to the ground. He felt Naruto's eyes travel down his body and heard him groan at how hard the Uchiha was.
"Hn, like what you see dobe?"
Naruto gulped and if Sasuke had been anyone else he would have laughed his head off. He was having so much fun teasing the blonde. He hadn't however expected that Naruto would enjoy that teasing. When Naruto spoke Sasuke could hear the tremble in his voice.
"S-Sasuke please untie m-me."
"And tell me why I would do anything as stupid as that?"
Without another word he lowered himself on top of Naruto again and kissed him harshly. He lashed his tongue like a whip at the boys’ lips and growled when he was denied entrance. Naruto opened his lips the tiniest bit but it was enough for Sasuke to force his tongue through. Once inside the moist mouth he explored every inch and corner again, tasting more of the delicious sweetness that he knew to be Naruto. He moaned into the mouth and increased his actions, now encouraging the other tongue to take part in an urgent dance. Wrapping and rubbing against each other was erotic, to say the least. Sasuke couldn't take any more of this teasing, he wanted Naruto and he didn't want to wait a moment longer. He yanked the boys legs open and raked his fingers along Narutos inner thigh, lowering his tongue to circle the boys’ belly button and using his teeth to bite sharply at the skin. The fox let out a hiss though Sasuke couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure. Until he heard a whimpering voice pleading him.
"S-Sasu...do that...again....."
He froze in slight shock but then let the smirk cover his face again.
"Why should I dobe?"
Naruto whimpered.
"P-please master?"
He leaned down and licked around the fox boys belly button, drinking in the mewl that escaped the smaller boy. That was it. The kimono was ripped off of Naruto's body and Sasuke then pressed himself against the warmth that awaited him.
Naruto arched his back to press even closer to Sasuke and didn't seem to hear the groan that left the Uchiha’s mouth. He brought his hand up to Narutos face and watched as hazy blue eyes grew wide with confusion. Sasuke pushed one finger into the warm cavern and basically molested the tongue inside. The moan that came from the boy was filled with heat and lust. The Uchiha smirked yet again.
"You're enjoying this dobe, that's not very surprising. I knew you had a crush on me, it was obvious in how much you tried to get me to go back to your pathetic village."
He received a glare the size and scorching heat of Suna.
"Fwuck wou!"
Sasuke chuckled.
"Oh we're getting there my little fox. Patience."
If Naruto's eyes were wide before, they were the size of the ocean now. Small tears pricked at the corner of azure eyes as Sasuke pushed two more fingers inside Narutos mouth, twisting and twirling his tongue while lapping up the saliva to completely coat all three digits. He hissed in slight annoyance when a set of teeth chomped down especially hard on his fingers.
"Dobe...you're going to pay for that..." came the loud growl.
He yanked his fingers out of Naruto's mouth and none to gently shoved them in his entrance. A scream vibrated throughout the room and a tremor went on a hurricane path through Naruto's body. Sasuke had expected this of course; three fingers all at once shoved up one's ass couldn't feel all that pleasant. He held back the combination of arousal and pain at how tight Naruto was and moved his fingers in a scissor motion to stretch the boy out. Smaller, quieter screams followed the previous one until Naruto was panting and moving himself to shove Sasuke's fingers deeper inside of him. Since he was properly stretched out and the saliva had made him quite wet, Sasuke didn't have any trouble moving inside the boys body, and thrust his fingers into him at a steady pace, seeming to search for something. He knew he found it when Naruto let out a loud cry and tried desperately to move Sasuke's fingers onto that spot again. Quickly he withdrew them, leaving Naruto squirming on the bed beneath him. He brought his fingers to his own mouth and licked them slowly with Naruto watching.
"Heheh you enjoying yourself there Naruto?"
A moan was his response.
"You...hah....you said my ...name...”
"So what if I did."
He leaned down and kissed his neck, cheek, chest, everywhere. He traced every line and dip in the sweet, velvet skin, feeling great delight in the fact that Naruto was raising himself to meet the Uchiha's mouth. He sucked on Naruto pert nipple for a few seconds before biting sharply and switching to the other side. He wanted to make Naruto as desperate as he could, that way there were as little objections as possible. While his mouth was tracing the pink nipple, his hand slid up and circled Naruto's navel. He felt as the boy under him pushed up against his hand, attempting to gain more contact.
"Hehe not yet little fox. Nearly there..."
Naruto whined.
"No...Sasu...please...I need you...inside of me..."
Any self-control that Sasuke had up til that point was dead and gone. With that desperate plea his restraints fell to the deepest pits off hell, most likely the same place that his clothes had gone. He reached for Naruto's cock, which had become very erect, and pushed his hand up and down while squeezing tightly. This action brought the dobe pain as well as pleasure of course, but it did the job it was supposed to do. It didn't take very long for Sasuke's hand movements to make Naruto jerk and breathe out ragged gasps. He was close; Sasuke watched the kitsunes face carefully. Blue eyes opened wider than ever and his body stilled for half a second before shuddering greatly and an inhuman sound escaped an arched neck and chest. Sweat beaded his forehead and cum, sticky and warm gushed all over Sasuke's hands. When he was finished Naruto collapsed on the bed, arms no longer straining at their bonds, body exhausted, eyes closed, mouth panting. This, Sasuke felt, was a picture of beauty. However, he did not have much time to waste, Naruto would most likely come to his senses soon enough.
"You made a mess dobe, a great big mess on me..."
He reached for his own length and coated it with the cum on his hand. When he felt that he was wet enough he spread Naruto's legs as far as they would go and positioned himself at the blondes’ entrance.
Sasuke paused for a short moment to look down at the blonde beneath him. The eyes that had looked at him in anger before now held only lust. Sasuke thought idly that there was probably no need for the jutsu to be in affect now, Naruto obviously wasn't resisting him.
"Don't talk stupid dobe, you'll bite your tongue and I don't want your sweet taste to be tainted with blood."
Without another word he slowly pushed himself into the boy's entrance, finding it to be very tight despite the fact that he had stretched him as much as he could with his fingers. With careful aim Sasuke drove himself farther and farther to poke at the spot inside Naruto that made him scream. He found it and Naruto let out a loud moan, and tried to push him deeper in the boy's ass. Sasuke chuckled and drew all the way out before slamming into him again.
"Shh Naruto it won't hurt for very much longer."
The words were muttered without any thought from Sasuke but he didn't seem to care at the moment. All he cared about was going farther inside him, closer to him, he wanted Naruto to be all his. He thrust harder into the shinobi, seeming to try and meld him into the bed. There were no complaints from Naruto, who was making all kinds of erotic little sounds, sounds that were driving Sasuke over the edge with a need for him. He lowered his mouth and bit Naruto's neck, making another hickey not far from the first one. His. Naruto belonged to Sasuke. No one else would ever touch him like Sasuke would. The raven Uchiha would make certain of that.
His concentration was nearly broken when he heard Naruto whispering something. He leaned his ear over to the blondes’ mouth to try and catch what was being said.
His heart literally stopped, but his hips crashed against the ones beneath him even harder than before.
"Naruto...say my name again..."
The dobe obeyed and Sasuke groaned at how sweet it sounded.
He thrust in again, deeper and deeper hitting the right spot that Naruto loved so much.
Naruto tightened around the Uchiha's length almost painfully and with a scream of his name there was more cum splashing at Sasuke's stomach. Feeling the constriction was too much and Sasuke groaned out loud as he came as well, deep inside Naruto's body.
He lay on Naruto for a short moment, catching his breath. When he pulled himself out of the boy's hole he caught a look at Naruto's face. The blonde was sleeping, sweat drying the locks of sunshine hair on his forehead. His chest was raising and falling evenly with sleep and his arms and legs were laying limp on the bed. Sasuke stared for a moment longer before getting off the bed, gently so as not to wake the sleeping ninja, and went to get a towel. He smirked to himself at the thought that he had been able to pleasure the blonde as well. The weirdest thing of all was that Sasuke felt contentment, he felt peaceful and calm.
After cleaning Naruto up with the towel Sasuke untied the sleeping dobe. He was startled slightly when Naruto rolled over and sighed in his sleep.
Another smile and he started to clean up the mess that they had made. After that was finished he crawled into the bed and pulled the blankets up to cover them both. His arm went around Naruto’s waist and he drew the warm body as close to him as he possibly could. Naruto belonged to Sasuke. And now neither of them could deny that. Sleep came for the Uchiha and he fell into it, a smile on his face, and Naruto's head just under his chin.

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