Blue flowers

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Warning for abuse and hinted murder.

Ellen loved the various colours of flowers and the different smells that would waft up to tickle her nose and then float away. Her garden, her sanctuary. Her haven.

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



The screen door slammed shut, closing in the shouts and crashes coming from inside the pale blue painted house. Anyone would want to get away from the chaos within but Ellen felt that no one wanted to more than her. She felt like this every time her mum and step-father had a fight. Whenever the screaming and swearing started she felt the need to just walk out, away from it all.
She walked over to the small garden that sat at the far end of the back yard. Her garden, her sanctuary. Her haven. Everything in the garden had been planted and grown by Ellen and her mother before her step-father had moved in with them. Ellen loved the various colours of flowers and the different smells that would waft up to tickle her nose and then float away.
"Fuhcking slut, sit on ya lazy ass all fucking day don't do nothin to help I'M out there workin my ass offta feed you and tha--"
"Oh piss off you drunk fool!"
So he was drunk again. Yay. Ellen sighed and pulled her knees to her chin, forming a protective huddle that blocked off the rest of the world. Kept her safe and secluded. Out of the small gap between her thighs and her torso she could see the purple and yellow flowers wave in the wind. What was it like to be a flower? To grow and sway in the wind and weather? Flowers were beautiful and simple, they smelled nice and looked pretty.
A loud smash was heard and she jumped. broken out of her semi-trance unwillingly. Looking over to the house she could see the broken glass littering the pavement and some of the grass. The pieces sparkled in the sun like crystals but something else caught her eye. And nose. She ran to the screen.
Blood and grog mixed together to form a sickening oily rust colour and Ellen's heart pounded in her ears and head. Beating drums faster and faster every second she was afraid it would pound right out of her body and onto the ground. In the few moments that she had spaced out something terrible had happened. She yanked the door open and took one look at the dining room. Right away three things clicked into place.
One, the dining room chairs were in disarray, thrown all over the room. Two, her mothers hear was covered in blood and leaning against the wall just under the broken window at a horrfying angle. And three, her step-dad was standing in the middle of the room red in the face, panting and holding a broken beer bottle and the shotgun from the top of the fridge. His raging blue eyes were clouded over in an alcoholic and rage induced haze.
Without wasting another second on thought, Ellen turned around and ran back out the door and in the direction of the garden; that was where the gate was. She could hear the heavt foot falls of her step-dads boots over her deafening heartbeat and breathing. Her foot had hit the pavement and her hand reached for the gate. Just one more second and she would be out to get help. She might be able to save her mum if she was fast enough.
Just one second. That's all it took for her to drop to the ground, smashing her head on the bricks lining the gardenbed. Pain was slow to reach her mind, she was frozen more out of shock at first. By the time the pain had gotten to her senses her body had already started to go numb. She vaguely wondered where she had gotten shot. A flash of colour made it past the oily black cloud in her eyes and her gaze fixated on that one thing. Everything else just faded into the shadows without a hitch.
A blue bunch of small flowers were laying on the ground, the red crayola blood staining it's pretty butterfly-wing petals. That was the last thing she saw before the cloud ate it up with a roar of numbing unconciousness.
A blue flower...


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