Daryl and Carol

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I love the thought of Daryl and Carol, two of the characters from the walking dead, to become one with eachother and fall inlove. There's already been hints on the show and I'm just waiting for it to happen.
THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED YET but hopefully it will.
See what's in store for Daryl and Carol; see if things get steamed up ;)

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013




Daryl Dixon sat beneath a simple maple tree, alone, and scraping the bark from a twig. His handy crossbow lay close beside him as well as a small hunting knife. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, taking in the sweet stench of the wild life around him, seeing that now he became immune to the disgusting stench of rot and decay of human flesh. I just take time to relax, he thought to himself, and I'll stay the same guy I am now; I'm not gunna lose myself in this mess.
Today was peaceful, which was strange, considering everyone that's went on in the past year. Humanity was a legend and the dead ruled this planet now... well, underneath Daryl, of course. He missed his older brother Merle who had been his closest companion; it was hard not knowing if he was still kicking or not. Now, he had no one really to talk to. 
Daryl froze for a moment, and then quickly snatched his crossbow from his side. He slowly rose to her feet and perched the crossbow gentley onto his shoulder, lifting it into the idele position and almost twirling; trying to locate his victim. "Come to me, you dumb son of a bitch," Daryl growled through his teeth.
"C'mon then!" Daryl hollared, aiming his crossbow tighter and pointing fiercely in every direction.
"Hershel?" A soft voice said behind him.
Daryl spun to the sound and clutched at his chest with his free hand, dropping his crossbow to the ground and cursing under his breath.
"Damn you, Carol," He huffed deep in his throat as he dropped down to the spot which he had been sitting in moments ago.
Carol Peterie approched her friend, or whatever he was considered, catiously and slowly. Her right leg dragged slightly behind her and she couldn't help but let out a wimper or two. Now this caught Daryl's attention.
"What'd ya' get yourself into?" He said as he stood to his feet, swiftly grabbing Carol by the arm and guiding her back to the tree. She jumped at his rougher touch and he imediately loosened his grip and tried going slower; sinking down to the ground and  bringing her down along side him.
"You bit? Scratched?" Daryl asked, his voice in a cold whisper.
Carol shaked her head and muttered, "No, I haven't been near walkers," She took a pause and then continued, "I tripped on a tree root and messed up my ankle, I think it's popped out of place."
Daryl chuckled, a horse but attractive laugh, and slowly put his hand onto the ball of her right ankle. Carol flinched a bit and sucked a deep breath in through her nostrils, trying not to focus on the pain. She's lucky she hadn't been bit, or worse, eaten alive. 
"Why you been sitting out here by yourself?" Carol asked Daryl, her voice a sweet jingle to his ears. 
He shook it off and said, "This shit's driving me up the fucking wall, I feel like I'm losing myself."
Carol stared at him, concern spread across her brows, and she nodded to him; "I know what you're saying. I've been feeling so lonesome without my husband."
Daryl hated when she mentioned that prick, he fucking hated it. He knew he could be an asshole but he would never lay his hands on a woman unless it were for pleasure. Whenever she said his name, it just reminded him of the fresh bruises he used to see beaten onto her flawless skin.
"You don't gotta feel lonesome no more, Carol. I'm here to help you," Daryl stared her in the eyes for a good minute and then went back to taking care of her ankle. He rubbed around the ball for a few moments and attempted to massage it back into place. Everytime he went too fast, she made a soft sound and when he pushed it even faster than that, she once even squealed out. The sounds brought back the few good memories he had, like banging his highschool girlfriend. It got to the point that it seemed like Daryl was trying to get her to yell out, and Carol started to catch on. 
His rough hand guided far up her leg and to her thigh, rubbing through her dirt stained jeans and a bit inbetween. Her soft groans of yearned for pleasure filled him with lust, pushing his cock to stiffen against his jeans and become slower erect. 
Carol grabbed him by the crotch and slowly rubbed up and down. God, she felt alive again. Though it was just a bit of touching, she felt ten times better than she had ever felt in ten years with her husband. 
Daryl pushed his crossbow to the side and pushed a form of leaves together; making a gentle surface for her head and neck as he lied her to the ground. Carol smiled up at him, her smile sweet but still seductive, and he grinned down at her. Slowly, he swung one leg over her and crouched on her; pinning her by each wrist and ducking down. He kissed up her neck gingerly and she struggled slightly on him, wishing to touch his sexy body even more, and this thickened his cock with a bigger erection. He released her for a only a moment to pop open the buttons of her shirt and lick his way down and nape of her neck, to her bra line, and inbetween. He had never been with a mother before, but he had heard previously that their breasts sometimes get worn out from the breast feeding. This case was different; her breasts were perky and firm, waiting for him. He licked around her nipple and pushed his hips into hers, wanting more. 
Daryl gave it to Carol, gave everything to her. They made love for hours; tumbling through the leaves and Daryl pushing himself slowly inside and out of her sweet parts. 
The only reason it was time to stop was due to a walker who seemed to want to join in, for he had dived down to the ground and thankfully, Daryl had grabbed his short dagger and shoved it through his skull.
"So, I guess I should keep this to myself," Carol said as she buttoned up her shirt and rose to her feet.
Daryl got up after her and held her close in his muscular arms, craddling her like a child and cooing, "Tell anyone, I don't care. I'm just happy I've got this fine piece of ass to call mine."

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