The Origin Behind Squidward's Suicide/Red Mist

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This is a short story on how the SpongeBob SquarePants Bootleg episode Squidward's Suicide and Red Mist came to be. THIS IS NOT A REAL STORY.

The Origin Behind Squidward’s Suicide/Red Mist


Note 1: Before reading this story you should read both Squidward’s Suicide and Red Mist on Creepypasta.

Note 2: After reading, you should read Squidward’s Suicide is Real, as this the prequel to that story.

Have you ever wonder what the real origins were to the bootleg SpongeBob bootleg episode Red Mist and Squidward’s Suicide? Well here’s the real story. The story starts with a seemingly normal kid named Nick Evanovich. He was a normal who got in trouble like every other kid, but a little more than others. Whenever Nick got in trouble he’d always have these angry outbursts and temporally lose control over himself as if something was wrong with him inside his head. One day when he was 16, he did something so bad to his friend Chris—I’m not going to tell you what he did—that his parents  took away his video games, computer, TV, and other things away from him. Let’s just say it ended in a gruesome death. After that, he was never the same again. One day, his mom saw him in his room, in the fetal position, muttering some sort of anti-Semitic things or reciting some sort of demonic prayers in some language she couldn’t understand. After snapping him out of it, they took Nick to the hospital. During the car ride to the hospital, he was shouting at his parents’ of what were probably curse words in the unknown language. They were forced to put duct tape over his mouth and his arms and legs to keep him from kicking the seat and hurting his parents. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor called his parents in a room and Nick in seclude room. When his parents were in the room with a doctor, his mom asked, “What wrong with our son?” The doctor replied, “Your son, after intensive exams, has Schizophrenia.” “Oh my god,” said both of Nick’s parents at the same time. Every day after the doctor’s appointment, Nick’s Schizophrenia got progressively worse and worse. He started to cut himself and watch SpongeBob SquarePants endlessly. (At the time they gave him back his TV.) He’d also start trying to steal from his family. One day when his parents weren’t home, He’d ride his bike to the nearest electronic super store and steal a computer—a PC to be exact—a DVD, a VCR player, Adobe Premiere Pro, a blank VHS (video tape/cassette) and a DVD to VHS burner. Now how did he buy all this without getting caught or arrested you ask? Well, Nick ran out of the store and before the store staff could get him, he stabbed them with his rusty knife until they were dead. He then stabbed various 6 year old kids, and ripped their guts, stored them in his bag, and took pictures, then threw their bodies in the trash and cleaned up the evidence. Then, when he got home, (In case you were wondering his parents both have jobs are away all day) he set up his computer and install Premiere Pro. What he wanted to do with all this was to make a special version of a SpongeBob SquarePants episode, since it was his favorite show of course. The plot he was thinking of was that there was an Irish salesperson—or fish--trying to warn Squidward of a red mist that is coming. Squidward ignored the warning slamming the door in his face. Next, while Squidward’s practicing, SpongeBob and Patrick make noise outside, and then he asks them to be quiet because he has a concert to practice for. SpongeBob and Patrick then started crying. Then, the “red mist” the Irish sales fish talks about engulfs Squidward, causing him to get these hyper-realistic eyes. Then, right before the concert the people in audience—including SpongeBob, Patrick, and the Irish sales fish—have also got hyper-realistic eyes. When Squidwards performing a song he dubbed “Red Mist”, everyone in the audience starts booing him in way that clearly NOT cartoonish. Then, upset, Squidward leaves the concert. Later, at his house, he hears voices in head saying, “DO IT…” And then, after a long time, Squidward gets a gun—presumably a shotgun—aims it in his mouth, and then pulls the trigger, killing himself. After making a plot, he  grabbed a SpongeBob episode where Squidward had a concert (back when you could do that) edited it based on the plot and added his own voice like when he slammed the door in the sales fish’s face saying, “Not interested!”. The after editing it all, Nick put it a DVD, (The DVD didn’t have the Red Mist elements; he put the final version of its which was on a file) then on a blank VHS (video cassette/tape.) The next day his parents got really mad at him for murdering his neighbor because his neighbor—who is to remain unnamed, for respect for the dead --was complaining about the noise coming from his computer and TV. (If you were wondering when his parents weren’t home he hid all the equipment in a big box above his clothes dresser.) Also, the scene where is a Squidward is sitting on his bed, there faint sound as if it is a slight sound though a forest. There is also a sound of a child crying, which must have been from the children he murdered, which turns out to be Squidward because he was putting his tentacles over his face. You could also see blood dripping from his eyes as he in uncovered them. As the scene progressed, the wind-through-the-forest sound became a gale and you could hear branches snapping and the crying sound turned into a cry as if it just had one of its limb snapped off. Now, back to Nick. Nick’s parents pissed him off so much that he decided to commit suicide. But to make his death big he’d have to make his parents watch the “Red Mist” VHS. He also wrote a letter and put it on top of the tape:

Dear Family,

I have created an alternate version of a SpongeBob SquarePants episode I dubbed “Red Mist” to remember me by. You know before my “accidental” death. I even hooked up an old VCR for you to watch it on. Enjoy!! And goodbye…

Yours Truly,

Nick Evanovich

Now, if you’re wondering how I know all this, it’s because I’m the neighbor of Nick (the one who didn’t get murdered.) When Nick’s mom screamed at the top of her lungs, I ran over to see why. When she told me, I was stunned for a least a minute. She told me that Nick killed himself by hanging himself by a rope on ceiling fan in his room. And right under the fan, were various internal organs, in a pool of blood right next to it with a knife. Now, after snapping myself out of it—which took a while—she invited me in. she also told me that he made a version of a SpongeBob SquarePants episode called “Red Mist”, that Nick wanted them to watch. After gathering her husband, other neighbors, Nick’s older brother Daniel, Nick’s aunt and her husband to watch the tape together. After watching “Red Mist”, everyone was so stunned, but to a lesser extent for Nick’s parents because they have seen it before. After watching, Nick’s mom called his grandmother, his cousins, and other relatives who lived far from him to tell them the horrible things that happened. The next day, Nick’s mom had some people take nick body away—it was actually in good enough condition for a funeral. (The cut he made on himself was relatively small.)  She also had to replace his bed sheets because the fan was right above his bed. She also bought a nice casket for his funeral for a few thousand dollars. During the funeral, almost all of Nick’s relatives, friends and neighbors attended. Nick’s mom started off the funeral about how much she loved Nick and talked about how much he died and SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Red Mist” and told everyone at the funeral to watch the tape.  A man, who worked at the funeral, wheeled in a TV, the tape and a VCR. His mom, after putting the tape in the VCR, looked away not wanting to see the tape again. As I was in the funeral, watching it again only helped to imprint the entirety of it in my mind. Oh, the horror… After the funeral Nick’s mom and dad tried to search his room for anything that could have created the “Red Mist” tape. What they found was a PC, A DVD (Which was slightly brunt for whatever reason and had a Squidward’s Suicide title card instead of Red Mist.) And Adobe Premier Pro software in a huge box covered by shoes, clothes, and toys from his childhood. They decided to add the pic and videos of the mutilated little kids that was in a folder on the DVD in very short intervals into Squidward’s Suicide. They then gave the DVD to me so they wouldn’t be the only people that have to see their son’s horrifyingly morbid death. But seeing that picture caused his restore to never be the same again. They feared the Red Mist; they feared that it would affect them like they thought it affected their son. They feared it would never go away. They feared the regular mist that came almost every day early in the morning. They even thought by committing suicide that it would be the only way to avoid the red mist. Just then, they got a phone call from Nick’s aunt’s husband that she committed suicide by the exact same way that Nick did along with all the eternal organs on the their bed. Phone call by phone call, all of the relatives died the same way Nick died. Why, why is this happening to all these people…I don’t understand, I just don’t…I heard some noises coming from Nick’s house, so, hesitantly, I walked over to investigate. No response came though front door when I rang the doorbell so I jump the fence, and to my surprise, the backdoor wasn’t locked. After walking upstairs, what I saw absolutely stunned me. Nick’s parents killed themselves THE EXACT…SAME…WAY that Nick killed himself and all his relatives. I violently throw up at the sight of the bodies, not even bother to clean it up. I couldn’t stay there any longer. I went home to my computer and wrote down all the events that happened to Nick’s parents and relatives and neighbors that they all told me about before they killed themselves of course. I then gave the DVD to a close friend of mine that had a child so he could deal with Hell I had to deal with and to be free from the red mist… I hope to Dear God…

Well, that the story. I hope you have a good night sleep because I know I won’t. (I’ writing this at 2:00 in the morning. Fear the Red Mist, because it’s coming for you, when you least except it, when you’re sleeping, when you’re taking a shower, while you’re driving, when you leave for the bus stop in the morning just don’t be surprised if an Irish sales person ever comes by you house while your practicing your instrument. Now, I’m going to watch Suicide Mouse and read Jeff the Killer to help me sleep tonight…

Submitted: June 06, 2013

© Copyright 2021 TheWalkingCreepyPasta. All rights reserved.

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