the things unsaid..

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amit needs to say sorry to his fiance mansi.but why? and will he be ABLE TO SAY SORRY

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



"ouch ! that hurt", mansi said as she  collapsed to the ground feeling her heart breaking into a zillion pieces. she threw her brand new blackberry on the wall at amit and her photo so hard that the blackberry as well as well their photo taken in the picturesque valley of kashmir fell to the ground shattering into many pieces. she walked over to the broken pieces, picked up the photo tore it into pieces and threw it out the window. she fell on the bed crying bitterly. beside her ay her fiance's phone with a text message from her best friend sakshi-"meet me at the coffee shop. you must have gotten bored with that idiotic mansi. bye, i luv you."

amit  entered the room and seeing its trashed condition, at first glance he thought he had been robbed. then he went into his room. his phone which he had gotten to get back was lying on the bed with a note under it which said-"don't try to contact me ever again you jerk. the wedding's off. go to hell and never show me your face again-with lots of hate, never yours mansi.".

amit rushed to mansis house but he wasn't led inside. the guards were given strict orders to keep him away from mansi by her parents.

after that he tried amny times to make contact with her but her phone was always switched off. she never came online. it was like she had gone on a complete exile. when he visited her house after 4 months he saw that it was completely empty. not a single soul in the entire kapoor estate. on asking he found that they had sold the estate and moved to USA. meloncholy he went away.

the next 2 years were hell for amit. he did everything possible to find mansi;not beause he wanted to explain something or get back together- he knew that was impossible. he just wanted to say "i'm sorry". all trials went fruitless. he was unsuccessful eveytime. he could find squat, nil, a big nothing.

then one day  amiracle happened. while checking his e-mail, he saw that he had received one from isha- mansi's younger read-"you are cordially invited to the kapoor estate-shimla. bring all your blessings and  love for young mansi-,my lovely sister". amit's joy knew no bounds. he packed his bags and caught the next flight to shimla. the next thing he knew - he was in shimla standing outside teh kapoor estate with a strange feeling of nervousness and happiness. he gathered all his courage and walked inside. but he aws met with a rather unfriendly and sad sight inside. everyone was wearing white and crying aloud. he went inside only to meet a shock- in the middle of a commotion of howling, crying and wailing lay the lifeless body of her love- mansi. toonumb to feel anything he fell on a chair. everything seemed to be becoming a blur- the happt momentshe had spent with her, the joy he had found knowing she will always be by his side- everything. then suddenly piercing his thoughts he heard two men talk- cancer, it effects one body but takes away the life of all the people attached to it...

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the things unsaid..

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