road a poem about my boyfriends little sister, she got stapped down, its almost 3 years since, but he was there, and it left some emotional scares on the whole family.

I have no reason to be sad

but I am

you have a reason to be mad

but you aren't

It's the other way around

I'm mad on your behalfs

you're sad about the past

I feel the sound

from the unspoken word

when I'm in what you call your home

your soul is injured

no obvious signs on your loss

a signess or a syndrome

hiding in the shadow

an ocean you can't cross

the memories are eating your marrow

sucking away the happiness

afraid to leave you alone

scared of your missing feelings

sorrow makes me anxious

you are like made of stone

trying to hide it in the darkness

I know you love her

I know you miss her

I know you will meet again

Submitted: September 12, 2010

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