The Cliched game

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A common happening at an evening Baseball game.

Submitted: December 31, 2008

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Submitted: December 31, 2008



The Game

The lights went on. The scoreboard was brought to life. Noise packed the stadium. The crowd grew to life as they saw the figure move to the center of the field. Suddenly, an onslaught of cheers startled the opposing team’s fans. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown, and the ball game started. The dugouts threw out their starters, and the game was set! The leadoff man steadied into his comfortable cage, poised to pounce upon his victim. The nervous rookie tensed up, and fired the first pitch into the glove of the calm catcher. Strike One. Again, the pitcher tensed up, and cunningly threw the slider into the lower corner. Strike two. This time relaxed, the pitcher hurled a 4-seam fastball strait into the glove. Strike Three. The pitcher gave a sigh of relief. The stadium cheered. The noise grew, the pitcher continued to hurl the pitches for strikes or for outs. The scoreboard printed K’s as if the dingle letter was all it could print. The top of the inning ended, and the confident players stepped up to the plate. The hitters relaxed, warmed up, and stepped up to the plate. The pitchers swung ferociously at their prey. Each hit went into the outfield. Soon, the runs piled up. The fans screamed with joy! Soon, the remaining fans of the opposing teams left the game. The shame on their faces was more viewable than the pitcher’s strikeouts. Ashamed of their team’s humiliating performance, the fans cursed under their breath and left the stadium in a depressed yet angry way.

The cheering grew louder as the ball game approached the late innings. The pitcher grew tired yet still strived to get the next outs. The next hits were his last. The pitch was hurled. The bat went crack, and the ball soured over the wall, tying up the game at four a piece. The fans stood in shock! Never before had they seen their most beloved pitcher give up a hit as big as this. They were shocked, and then the boo’s started. The pitcher signaled to his manager. He wanted to call it quits. More boo’s were shouted. Finally, the new pitcher had come in, and threw a perfect inning. The fans waited in the next inning. The hitters could not prevail over the new pitcher of the opposing team. Then, in the final inning, the top half of the order of the opposing team collected multiple hits. The bases were loaded. Two hitters quickly went down swinging. Then, as if it was meant to be, the next hitter laid a bunt down the line. All of the fans were yelling. But, the third baseman was too late. The runner had scored, and the damage had been done.

The next batter was retired, and in the bottom half of the final inning, the hitters were tense, but ready to go out and win walk-off fashion. The pitcher pitched, and gave up three easy hits. Bases loaded, and the next two guys popped the balls up. It was two down, and one to go. The veteran hitter walked into the plate. He poised for action. The pitcher hurled a fastball down in the inside corner; strike one. The batter merely shrugged the mistake off, and took a mighty swing, but missed. Strike two was called. All of the eyes were on him. He was nervous himself. The pitch was coming. This time, he felt he could hit it. The batter took a mighty swing. He hit the ball. It went high and deep. The hitter was overjoyed, it was going, going, and it went right into the fielder’s glove. The game was over, and the team had lost the game 5-4.

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