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Ian and Anthony become lovers.



Submitted: October 20, 2013

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Submitted: October 20, 2013



We just finished editing. I'm really exhausted and it's only 4 a.m. I go to the bathroom and forget to close the door. I strip down to nothing. I start the shower and get in. I stand there for about five minutes to warm up. Then I begin to actually wash myself. Half way through Anthony joins me.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I cover my crotch.

"Too much work to wait!" He makes me move over.

"This is so gay," I take the shower head and finish rinsing myself off.

"You'll forget about it later," he makes me hold the shower head to wet his hair. He then washes it.

"Hopefully," I never realized how hot he is. I just want to touch him.

He tries to take the shower head, "Give please!"

"Need help?" I ask instead.

"Now that's gay."

I mock him, "You'll forget about it later."

"Ugh. Fine," he turns around and let's me rinse his hair. After I do his hair, I put the shower head between my legs and gently massage his back wish soap. "Why are your hands so soft?" He leans his head back and looks at me. His eyes are beautiful.

"Lotion and not for what you think."

"Your mom uses lotion," he looks forward, smiling.

"Shut up," I take the shower head and rinse him off.

"What?" He turns around smirking.

"Dumbass," I give him the shower head and step out. I dry off.

"Dick head." He pears out from the shower.

"That's cause I got one." The towel is around my waist.

"Of course," he rolls his eyes and disappears behind the curtain.

"You take forever." I brush my teeth.

"I got in later than you!" He protests.

"You still take forever." The shower goes off and he pulls the curtain back. I get a look at him and hold back a gasp.

"Better?" He smiles greatly. I can see everything. 

"Much," I go back to looking in the mirror. He takes the towel around my waist and uses it to dry off. "Dude?! What the hell?!" 

"I'm being lazy. Leave me alone."

"No. You just want to see me naked," I rinse my mouth out.

"No because that would be gay. Move over," the towel is now around his waist. He bumps his hip against mine slightly to move me over. I just roll my eyes and shake my head. I get the other towel and wrap it around my waist. I grab my clothes and put throw them into my laundry basket. I go back to the bathroom to find Anthony trying to fix his hair. I smile.

"Here," I have him face me as I fix his hair. "You had it looking like you were a retard, retard."

"Shuddup!" he closes his eyes and smiles like a retard.

"Stahp," I give him a serious look.

"Nuuuuu!" he's being childish now.

"Yesh. Now go to bed," I point out of the bathroom.

"Only if you tuck me in."

This all seems like a dream. I can't tell. Anthony would never have feelings for someone like me. But then again I could be totally wrong and we both could be madly in love with each other. I'd like that. "Sure," I take his hand by accident and we go to his room. 

When we get in there, he lets the towel fall to the floor. I watch his cute ass climb into bed. I stand next to the edge. "Now go to sleep. Okay?"

"Not yet!" he pulls me in next to him. I don't resist. "Be with me please."

"Anything for you," I whisper. Our lips then meet. His are very soft and warm. I could kiss him all day if I wasn't so tired. He pulls back after a moment of kissing. 

"I like," he pulls the blanket up and covers us both. 

"Me too," I reply before I realize I have. We cuddle. His head is near my chest. I find that he's falling asleep. 

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