Unseen Love...

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A princess is never noticed among her prettier sisters and her one brother. She is different than most, always running out of the castle. Trying to find a place she can be accepted. But then she finds love. By someone she never thought would like her. (in the very late 1800's and very early 1900's) Ps. I know some facts aren't correct. :/

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



I am a princess yet no one knows my name. They never pay any attention to me. If they do, they ask who I am. It gets annoying sometimes as even my father, the king, never bothered with me. My sisters excluded me from everything. My brother was always too busy. My mother, the queen, died when I was 5. I developed imaginary friends. 
By now, at age 18, I have learned everything from reading. The servants know I do not want anything to do with them. 
But today is a special day. Servants come in and wake me up. I feel a cold breeze rush into my room. I curl up under the sheets. I was going to wake up in 30 minutes. They set a dress out at the edge of the bed. 
"I'll get dressed myself." I say a little angerly. They look at me and just leave. I get up and close the window and head towards the bowl full of warm water and clean up. I don't bother to make myself breakfast. Even thoughmy stomach growls as I put of my dress. It flows beautifully on me. I love it. 
Later today, I sit next to one of my sisters in the pew. The aisle seat is the best to me. I look around at everyone's faces. I think that the whole country came! Just for my brother's wedding! I only see one looking back at me. I notice and look away quickly as it begins. The Church of England begins with a prayer and then the actual wedding. 
By the end, we're in the main room to have a wonderful reception. I stand next to father as I get looks and questions. It doesn't help that I'm the shortest in the family.
But me being me, I walk away to go find me a drink. I get stopped by the black-smith. He made me a necklace just last week. I haven't taken it off since. "For my lady, Ashlee." He says handing me a glass. He was looking at me earlier.
"Thank you." I smile. "But how do you know me?" 
"I see you in the market place almost everyday." He smiles. "You know how to barder." 
I blush slightly. "Mustn't tell father! He'll have a fit." I giggle at the thought. 
"I won't. It can be our little secret."

I look down, blushing too much. He takes my drink and gives it to the servants as a waltz begins to play. 

"May I have this dance?" He asks holding out his hand. 
"You may." I put my hand in his. We walk out onto the balcony, still able to hear the waltz. The moon is a quarter full as the stars sparkle around it. His hands are placed upon my hips and my arms around his neck. I can amazingly reach. 
"You know my name... But what's yours?" I ask shyly.
"Ian the black-smith." He smiles like he has been almost all night. 
"I like it." I lay my head upon his chest as we dance to the most beautiful waltz ever. 
By the end of the night, he walks me to my room. I won't let go of his hand when we get there.
"Do you have to go?" I ask shyly, hugging him.
"If you don't want me to." He replies wrapping his arms around me.
"You're the only person to ever pay this much attention to me." I lay my head on his chest.
"You stand out from the crowd." He smiles, rubbing my back. "It's hard not to." I hear my door open.
"Don't go." I say almost franticly.
"I won't." He replies as we go in. I sense a little awkwardness. 
I let go of him. "Everything okay?" He asks.
"Yeah..." I go behind the moveable wall. Never remember what it is actually called. I come out a few minutes later in my normal night gown. 
"Don't you usually have servants?" He asks shyly.
"Not since mother died." I reply taking his hand and guiding him to my bed. I sit at the head end with my knees pulled all the way in to my chest.
"Thank you." I say rubbing the necklace he made for me.
"You're more than welcomed." He says smiling. The awkwardness has gone away. 
I move to sit next to him. He's been sitting criss-crossd. I lay my head on his shoulder.
"You're beautiful." He says, playing with my hair.
"No I'm not..." I smile teasingly. I eventually fall asleep in that position. I feel him then lay me down. He cuddles next to me, petting my hair. He falls asleep with his arms wrapped around me.

By morning, I wake up alone. I quickly get up and run to father.

"Father! Father!" I almost yell. 
"Yes my daughter, Ashlee?" He coughs, growing sick and weak.
"I know who I want to marry!" I have a huge smile upon my face. 
"Who my child?" He seems a little better.
"The black-smith! Oh dearest father, please?!" I plead. 
"Now now.. calm down." He coughs. "Are you sure he's the one?" 
"Yes father!!!" 
"Do you want to give yourself to him?" He's checking.
"Yes! I do!" 
"I never chose a husband for you, for this exact reason. I want you to find love and not to be forced like your siblings. You're special my pumpkin." 
I blush slightly. "I always thought no one liked me." I stand up. 
"Noo.. Give him a month to see if you really love him. If so, come running in here and you'll marry him." I slightly jump for joy. 
"Thank you father!" I smile so greatly. I walk out of his room but run back to mine.
I get back and realize I'm not dressed but I find Ian standing over the bowl I use to clean up a little. He's shirtless.

I walk over and hug him from behind. I sense his smile as he turns around in my arms to hug me. I rest my head on his chest as he rests his head on my head, making me giggle slightly. 

"Sleep well?" He finally asks.
"Yes, thank you." I respond, not moving. "Did you?"
"Yes." He's still smiling. "Best sleep I've ever gotten." He kisses the top of my head as I blush slightly. 
"Come with me." He whispers.
"To where?" I look up into his sparkling blue eyes. 
"Anywhere you'd like. Just the two of us." He looks into my eyes.
"But, what about-"
"About what? You told me no one cares for you here." 
"I'd love to." His lips softly touch mine as he kisses me. 
I melt on to his lips as he passionately kisses me. 
He pulls back, slightly, "I love you." He says.
"I love you too." I say back, blushing majorly. He picks me up and twirls around. He makes me laugh. 

Later that night, he pulls me into bed with him. "We leave come morning." He says sweetly. 
"I can't wait." I reply laying very close to him. I feel his warm bare skin on my hand as I play with some of his chest hair. He kisses my forehead and lays his head close to mine.
"May we be together forever?" I ask shyly, still playing with his chest.
"As long as we live." He takes my hand. I look at him. "I mean it." He kisses my hand. I hide my face in his chest, blushing oh so much. 

By morning, I woke up earlier as usual. This time I had arms wrapped around me. I tried my best not to move. His arms just below my breasts. I try to turn to face him, quietly and without much movement. I failed and he woke up. 
"Heeey." He says with one eye opened.
"Good morning." I reply as I give him a peck on the lips.

A childish game comes to my mind. "You're it." I touch his nose with a finger as I get up.

"Hey!" This brings him to life. I run out the door with him following me, in a robe. I run into the den, hiding behind the chair closest to the fire place.
"Where did she go?" I hear him innocently say. "I think I've lost her!" I giggle a little too loud. But not hearing him, I look to the side and there he is. He picks me up. 
"I think you're it now!" He exclaims while sitting down in father's chair. I sit in his lap.
"Oh, you got me!" I rest my head on his shoulder.
"You can never run from me," He holds my hand with one of his hands while the other is wrapped around me. "And I will always run to you." 
"Awe." Is all I can say, awkwardly smiling. 
Minutes later, "Should we get ready to leave?" I ask quietly, as we've been listening to the fire crack and pop. 
"When ever you'd like." He kisses my forehead. 
"I'm ready." I stand up smiling. He gets up after me, intertwinning his fingers in with mine. We walk back to my room to see father at the door. 
"Oh, hi father." I say, not amused.
Ian bows down slightly, "God day, sir." 
"My child. I have some news for you." He pulls me aside, leaving Ian to go into the room alone. 
"Yes father?" I ask.
"Your mother wanted me to give you this..." He hands me a gold wrapped box with a shiny bow. "She told me, only you can have it. And I'm growing very ill." We sit on a bench. 
I just stare at it, not knowing what to do with it. 
"Thank you." I say, hoping to reassure myself.
"I might not get to see you marry off happily..."
"Father. Don't talk as if you'll die." 
"But it is a possibility, my princess." He coughs. "Now... have the life you want." Father finally says.
"We're leaving for France right now. He said we can go anywhere I want." I smile at the thought in itself.
"You go and have a pleasant life. Sorry it couldn't be a better childhood for you." He stands up, I do too.

"Thank you father. For everything!" I smile greatly as I put the box in my night gown pocket. 

"More than welcomed my child. Now run along." He shoos me off and I run into the room twirling around.
"Good news I presume?" Ian smiles, standing up from the window seat. I rush into his arms.
"Oh yes!" I exclaim. "Father said we can go! That we can be together forever!" 
"That's great!" He picks me up enough to spin me around twice, as then I plant my feet on the ground. He notices the golden box. "What's that?" Asking curiously.
"I don't know yet. Waiting for a special day to open it!" 
I move from his arms and set the box down on my bed. I go over to my closet and dig out my suit case. I pack everything neatly, but quickly, and hum a tune to myself.
"The waltz!" He says, knowing what I'm humming. "Vienna Blood Waltz." He smiles at me.
"Yes!" I exclaim. "I'll never forget it!" 
Moments later, I finish packing. "Done." I smile at my easily cased suit case. 
He grabs it, "Time for an adventure together." He whispers seductively into my ear. I melt as I help carry some things. 
The carriage has arrived, one more beautiful that I've seen in our stables; the horses are white. I climb in as he packs everything in. 
"All set!" He exclaims to the driver and me.
"Where to?" I ask curiously.
"You'll see." I move closer to him. Laying right against him. His right arm around my shoulder. My head rests around the top of his chest. I don't bother to look back; I know I'll never be back. 
As the day goes on, we move more into the country side. The view is amazing as the sun begins to set. Over the hills, the sun's rays shine like finger tips reaching for the end. I falls asleep in his arms as the sun is no longer seen. The sounds of the carriage has put me to sleep as I'll awake to a new destiny.

I wake up to a sudden jerk. I try not to move, in the fact that Ian's asleep. I lay my head back down on his chest and listen to his breathing. I think to myself, he really has made a difference in my life so far. I may be only 18 but this is my turning point. 

"I love you," I whisper so silently. My arms wrap around him slowly and without much movement. His eyes stay closed but he moves me closer to him.
"Mine!" He opens his eyes, smiling.
"I was trying not to wake you," I giggle.
"I've been up most the night! I can't stop thinking about us."
I giggle and blush, hiding my face in his chest. No one's ever really made me blush til Ian came along. 
"Not much farther til we get there." He kisses the top of my head. I close my eyes as the sun peaks over the horizon and onto my face. Eventually, falling asleep again.

"Wake up love!" Ian exclaims as I slowly open my eyes half way.

"What is it?!"
"We're here!" I sit up a little more.
"Where is here?" I ask, looking around and seeing nothing.
My eyes widden, "Really?!" 
"Yes! I did say, anywhere /you/ wanted!" 
"Oh Ian!" I hug him tightly, he hugs back patting my back. "Thank you so much!" 
"You're more than welcomed, love! I believe you deserve everything possible!" He lifts my head up slightly with his thumb on my chin and the rest of his hand below it. He kisses me very passionately. His lips soft to the touch, warm as mine are cold. I melt into him, almost as one with him. He pulls back slightly. I slowly open my eyes with a really red cheeked smile upon my face.
"I love you." He finally says.
"I very love muchyou!" I say, not keeping my thoughts in line. He laughs a little. 
"You're amazing." 
"Noooo... I believe you are." I've finally got my thoughts under control.
We've reached Paris, France and I'm in awe. 
"Much better in person!" I exclaim looking everywhere.
"Anywhere can be yours." He replies, laughing at my amazement.
"Oh I don't know where!"
"I'll go anywhere with you!"
I can't stop looking at everything. The boks told lies about Paris' beauty! I couldn't have dreamed of a place this beautiful! 
The carriage stops at a house. Almost all while with a grey-ish accent. Flower boxes are outside every window of my favorite flower. (You're of course-dunno what that is :p) I begin to climb out of the carriage after Ian. To my surprise, he picks me up and carries me into the house, setting me down in the front room. Everything is just beautiful.
"Once I start job, I can start making furniture of us." He says out of no where. I'm just in awe.

"I have to go to work." Ian says after bringing in everything.

"Can I come?" I ask.
"Yeah!" He replies. "I'm still /your/ black-smith." I smile.
"I can see you at your best!"
He flexes his muscles, "Do this for you?" He jokingly smiles.
"Yes!" I laugh, hiding my face in my hands. He lifts my head up and kisses me briefly. "I love you!" 
"Oh, I love you!" He replies, picking me up into his arms. "Off we go?" 
"Sure" Can't stop smiling!
He gets one of the horses and lifts me up there with him. I lean back on him as his arms wrap around me enough to hold onto the reins.
We ride into a small town just outside Paris. Everyone stares as if we're royalty. I don't care as long as they don't do anything to me or Ian. I see a dress store and think that I can work too? Not normal but it's a possibility. 
"Stop here, love." I whisper loud enough to get my voice over the sound of the houves. He notices the shop too. 
"I'll be down there." I look to where he's pointing. 
"Okay!" I smile at him and turn to walk in.

"My my! She looks like a queen!" I hear someone whisper loudly.

"No... More of a princess. A queen would be prettier." The other replies a little louder. I just ignore and walk up to someone making a dress. 
"Um.. Is there any way I can make dresses for you?" I almost studder.
"Why would I let you?" She acts like a snob. But then she looks at what I'm wearing. A red flowing dress. Not too big, but it still makes a full circle if I twirl. It used to be one of my sister's til I cut it apart and added some other things to it. 
"Because I can bring you in women looking for dresses." I say firmly.
"How is that?" 
"I made this dress." I twirl around for her.
"Mmhm. I see. Excelent work!" She admires it. "Yes, yes you may." 
I smile, "Thank you." 
"If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?" She makes her French acent more noticable.
"England." I say proudly. "A once princess." I curtsy. "Where may I work?" 
"This way." She leads me on, making no notice of what I said. "Everything is here." She then leaves me to figure out everything on my own. Everything is simple, just like home.
By the end of the day, I've made two princess like dresses. 
"My my!" Ian has come with her as it is almost night fall. "Just beautiful!" She looks at both of them. I smile and stand up, almost blushing at Ian's smile. "I've never thought to ever make this!" 
"I try my best." I walk over to Ian. 
"Welcome to France, miss..."
"Miss Ashlee. Welcome!" She goes off with the dresses into a back room. Waiting a few seconds, she doesn't come back. Ian takes my hand and we walk out. 
"Fun day?" He asks, lifting me up on the horse. Putting his arms around me and kisses my neck. I melt so far back into him. He grasps the reins, lifts his head and onward home we go.
At home, he gets off and helps me down. 
"I made you something." His smile is a mile long. 
"What's that?" 
"A rose." 
"Awe." I stand on my tippy toes and kiss his cheek. "Thank you!"

"More than welcomed!" He replies.

Months go by and we've settled with everything needed. Today is the day of our wedding. I've made my dress and look like a goddess of this world. I stand waiting for music. No family members, but a few friends we've made, have come to watch. My mind races as father died over the days, brother has taken over with his beautiful wife. I didn't leave to go back to the funeral... or crowning.
The music begins; shattering my thoughts. I walk alone, keeping my eyes on the god I'm marrying. I get up there and we hold hands. Facing the pope, it begins. 
By the end, he has carried me into the house and up to the bed. He lays me down gently, laying next to me. He hands me the golden box. I sit up and pill on one strand of the ribbon. It comes undone and falls to the ground. I take the lid off the box and set it next to me. I take the note as Ian takes the rest.
"Dearest Ashlee,
I'm sorry that I could not be there for thou. I'm sad that one day I will not be there for thy's wedding. But this is for you. From the bottom of the earth. I believe it is just right for you. 
Ian picks up the amulet as I read the letter. I set it down and look to him. I'm in awe with the amulet. He places it on my neck and claspes it. I close my eyes as I feel his lips touch mine so passionately.
We fall back onto bed together, he continues kissing me. I melt so closely into him and my mind is wrapped around just him.

He took off my dress, then I took off his shirt and pants. He layed me down and whispered, "I'll take care of you." I smiled, wanting him. His hands, on either side of my shoulders, hold him up. He spreads my legs with his and slowly goes in. At first, it slightly hurts but t

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