Read Between the Lines

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over my life I have aquired many scars, though from kinda dull uninteresting means. Then I came to the conclusion that even the most boring story can be interesting with the right word play. This is the result.

Submitted: September 05, 2015

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Submitted: September 05, 2015



Ever since I was a little boy

I've had to explain

What these marks on my body were

But I couldn't help myself but feel a little tad ashamed

As the stories, well, they lacked a little flair.

But then I came to a conclusion

One that changed everything for me

Don't say the whole truth just keep in a slither.

Everyone prefers uncertainty.


The scar on my head

Shows that not even the young

Are free from being maimed

The scar on my side

Shows that on this wild ride

It's ok to feel a little drained.


the stories behind them I tell you

I'm not technically lying just skewing the truth

Straight answers are no fun at all

So ill exaggerate my tales tall

And I'll let you read between my lines.


The scar on my leg tells the tale of a young boy who dreamed

But I guess he didn't have the bottle it seemed.

The ones on my neck played a crucial part

About the girl who discovered that's the fastest way into my heart.

The scar on my thigh says it's ok to let some people take the piss!

And the ones on my back of all the good times I miss.


I used to feel like a monster

Like frankenstein had his way with me

But things got better when I realised

Even the most boring scar has a story

Just take the core basics

Just like me

Exaggerate let your imagination run free

That's why I have this scar on my centre

So less I forget it

I'll always be reminded that I'm usually full of shit.


And like me

I know

Not all scars

Are on the outside

for the world



The ones hardest to cope with

Are the ones





Now I want you to listen closely

To these words I'm going to say

You're the one and only you

Doing the best that you



You've overcome so much and you're here

Even if it seems little

I know

it take strength

Come come now, there's nothing to fear.

So hold your head up high

and stay strong

Never feel

pressured to reveal

Just have a little think

don't crumble and fall

Remember straight answers

are no fun at all

It's ok to exaggerate your tales tall

And let them read between the lines

Your scars don't have to make you feel small.

Let them read between your  lines

Keep them guessing and we'll have it all!

Make them read


You lines.

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