Nightwing - Sins of a Father, Part 1

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Years following the tragic deaths of the Flying Graysons, Dick Grayson, the sole survivor of the legendary family of daredevils, witnesses a mind blowing revelation which is sure to change him and the people in his life forever...

Submitted: May 28, 2013

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Submitted: May 28, 2013




In 2013, Montana, a tall, grey haired men exits the gates of the Montana State Prison. The man enters a cafe, taking his time with every step he takes. He takes a seat at the counter.

Waitress: "What can i get you, hon?"

Man: "Espresso, two sugars... takeaway"

Waitress: "Don't recognise you. You a local?"

Man: "You could say that"

The man turns his head 90 degreees clockwise and switches his attention to a newspaper stand in the shadowy corner of the cafe. He walks up and snatches a newspaper, folds out the front page of which the headline reads "Boy becomes orphan following mid-performance tragedy".

Waitress: "That stuff is older than my grandson. We haven't gottten new papers for over a decade"

The man glances at the paper's date of publication which reads "20 Nov 2000". He then notices the orphan's name: Dick Grayson.

Waitress: "Anything worth reading"

Man: "You could say that"

Waitress: "You don't really do much talking, do you?"

Man: "Not really"

Waitress: "Here's your coffee

Man: "Could i have one of those apple pies too"

Waitress: "Sure... i got some more in the back"

The waitress heads to the freezer at the back of the cafe. By the time the waitress returns, she realises the man is long gone, along with the coffee and newspaper"

Waitress: "Son of a @%$!



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