Little Base of Horrors

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  No Houses

Tabitha Tulman, soldier of an unwinnable war, is sent into an overgrown base.

There was no such thing as a walk in the park.

Tabitha felt a strike on her neck that shocks the most sensitive nerve on her body. Then, another shock. Another one again.

Oh, how the soldier weeps sour tears onto the territory.

Drafted into the war she did not want, of course, they sent her in first.

The kamikaze.

The frontliner.

The one trained to die on the spot.

The one and only Tabitha Tulman. Soldier of the humans against a formidable opponent.

The leaves amongst the floors and ceilings of the worn bass, stand still and loom over the small soldier. They are colored brown, some red and orange for individuality sakes. A bush was strangely stained with brown polka dots. No, splatters. Definitely splatters of some concoction.

She raises her pistol and shakes.

Creak goes the flooring. Wobbling of steel plating. She hears the bolts unscrewing themselves to hop out and squeakily run for the exit. Leaves like wrapping their accompanying vines. They can’t help, but feel cozy and settle amongst their contrasting friend. Spaces open spilling out weeds of dandelions. A few bluebells and orchids peek out from hiding.

Strange, bigger than usual. Tabitha was not a botanist, but the pitcher plant bobbing up and down could fit gallons rather than the usual pints. Even the Jacob’s ladders petals grew to the size of basket balls. A carnation acts like a pink blush brush.

She continues down the hall.

The tapping of her combat boots rumble the floor, banging like thunderstorms rolling into the very room. A few leaves crunch below her feet. Shattering, the leaves crinkle into hopeless organisms.

The Jacob’s ladders blow to the left, producing a silent church song for the ghastly patrons of ancient warfare. Maybe they were playing the wondrous melodies to calm the soldier, or there are other options. She continues crunching more leaves. Out came the knife and chops the dead hedge in her way.

Feet slide against the metal, her knees to the cool metal, off she crawls through her makeshift doorway. More cutting of vines and shrubs keep leading to more plants. Tabitha does not follow the rules of the labyrinth and carved holes straight through. Leaves don’t mind, but the flowers. Oh the flowers were curiously questioning her. Then they realized the brown confetti she left behind, the shards of the fallen.


Echoing footsteps follow her.

The left foot steps. The right foot steps instead.

The right. The left steps instead.

Again and again.

Again and again.

When Tabitha cuts another hole out faster than the previous ones, a feeling of wet dew runs down on the back of her neck. The dew continues, she is perspiring, but there’s too much liquid going on her back.

Gulping fresh air emanating from the plant life, she continues on her never ending trek.

Fingers drag against her palm, but these fingers were quite fuzzy to be on finger tips. Too fuzzy. Cold fingers graze her skin with dull hooks at the ends of their finger nails. She gulps once more and crawls through the new hole.

A clearing of a overgrown room. The roots lead to the center of a control panel that have been left dysfunctional. Vines explode into all sorts of sporadic directions. Leaves did not grow here. No flowers. No hedges. No bushes. All roots burying into a large abyss.

She dusts herself off and takes off the second layer of her outfit. She steps on a few roots, but stays on top of the strongest one to sit down.  

Base 2195 is unstable. Taken over. Have to head back before…

Her thoughts choke. Spindly arms wrap around her body. Tabitha muffles out panicked call to the outside, but the hooks dug deep into her cheeks. Her knife stabs blindly behind her, but she could do no good like that. The roots laugh at her with vengeful glee. The hedge behind her bellows in rhythm and every orchid, blossom, daisy, plus rose cackle to the tune.

One bite. One chomp and the venom injects itself within Tabitha. Naturally, tears stream down the soldier’s face.  It was water that the plants desired to drink after the drought caused by their former owner. Immediately, they soaked up the water. Although salty, they can make do. Water is water.


It talks, “You should have never came.”

Tabitha yells and kicks the captor’s body. A hard armor protects the mysterious body, a tough one with ridges equidistant. A set of eyes stack upon each other and stare intently back. Tabitha’s eyes glance at the creature. A hybrid, an intellectual at the art of camouflage. Now that it revealed itself, dear god….oh dear god….no!

As Tabitha’s body turns for a full view, her own knife betrays her. Instead of a backstab, an eye stab just for jokes by It. That was the last thing she saw in her left eye.

Tabitha Tulman, missing in action.


Submitted: October 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 TheWritingFreedom. All rights reserved.

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Miss Midnight

Very creatively written, with beautiful descriptions and powerful words. I like your way of writing and think it gives it great personality. I liked the overall flow of your story but did have a few moments of confusion. Maybe I'm just an idiot, lol, or maybe that's what you were going for in this piece.

I like the tension and the build up to the meeting of the beast/monster. Brilliant to end the chapter with nothing but her name and that dreaded MIA status.

I can't offer you advice on tenses or grammar, cause I'm the worst person to ask for that, lol!

Wonderful Piece!!

Fri, October 14th, 2016 2:43pm


Thank you so much. I would like to ask what are you confused about.

Wed, October 19th, 2016 6:46pm


Quite an original story, and your style was pretty unique too. Very descriptive while staying exciting and easy to read. Good job!

Fri, October 14th, 2016 6:58pm


Thank you so much. I hope you will enjoy more of my writing.

Wed, October 19th, 2016 6:47pm

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