Stars Take You To Your Dreams

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The road to dreams

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



Stars take you to your dreams


Don’t mind a girl standing alone

In a noisy room, she lone

Thinks about the past

Wishing the time to be fast

Thinks about a story

That she always worry

Nobody minds her

They think so little of her

Who knows?

Nobody knew how the story goes


Look up into the stars

And forget the scars

That the bitter past engraved

Leave it in a grave

Forget about everything

It doesn’t have to do with anything

Look beyond what you see

Jump in glee

Once you’re healed

You’re fulfilled


Don’t forget where you came from, remember

What the elders say when you’re younger

It’s a new world, I say

The memories in my heart they stay

Look back at that town

You’re finally on your own

You suddenly smile

And prepares to travel a hundred miles

Walks down the unfamiliar path

Struggles to pass through someone’s wrath


Whenever you’re on a rough road

On your back a heavy load

Look up into the sky

And remember your dreams so high

Keep on dreaming

Keep on winning

Be You

Just the same hue

And let the stars take you to your dreams


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