The Grindstone

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In a desire to stop being depressed I furiously started typing this.

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



The hopeless grind

The things I’ve done

The sense of failure

The feeling of fear

The thoughts gnaw at me.

With every breath we take we are one step closer to dying, eventually we all have to accept this fact and move on with our lives.

With every thought or action we make we are closer to dying, eventually we all have to accept this fact and move on with our insecurities.

Our lives are ending one minute at a time, its irreversible.

There is nothing we can do to stop it, no amount of prayer, no amount of money, no amount of lust or greed or sloth or vanity.

You are going to die one day, now deal with it.

So instead of bitching about how you fear death, live your life.

Fight for the things you want and just do what you want.

Nothing stops the grindstone, nothing stops to tragic loss.

The grindstone’s thirst will never be quenched.

He wants your sanity, your youth, your innocence, and your money.

Money is the source of all sins and horrors in this world.

Don’t blame yourself for it, its just the way things are.

Then again I guess you could stop spending your money on useless frivolities.

You are not your make up, your watch, your phone, your car, your TV, your clothes.

Nor are you your computer, ipad, speaker system, cologne, cufflinks, suits, suitcases, printers, appliances, your check book, your wallet, your debit card, your credit card.

All these things make up a mask of greed, a mask of insanity, a mask of hopeless infatuation with things you can’t have, shouldn’t have, and don’t fucking appreciate.

You are not put on this earth to toy with other peoples emotions, hopes, dreams, thoughts, desires, whims, wits, or hearts.

You are put on this earth to live, love, cherish, dream, think, and succeed.

Become that which makes you an individual.

Become a driving force in your own damn life and stop letting the billboards, the advertisements, the shows, songs, joneses, or greed control your life.

Live everyday as if its your last, because in this fucked up world you’ll never know when your last breath could be.



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