A mind is a horror to waste

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My favorite type of poem style.

Submitted: June 10, 2012

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Submitted: June 10, 2012



Awaken, sun rays break back the shutter of days,
dancing it's patterns, lonesome, lost minds to watch and gaze.
Laying slumberous, wrathful and broken with craze!
Waking to swallow the lonesome, till eyes close and fade.

I lay, I watch, I witness these people with hateful lost eyes,
They sing, they dance, such the way they always lie.
I grow weak, feeble, and old. Such horrors I never tried!
The fan spins, turning as the world stands never shall it die!

Worlds slowly falling, light stays and extends to me!
A bridge so beautiful so humble so amazing, Must only I see?
Across horrors await so true! I take pace and race, like swimmers in a sea.
To cross it, live and rejoice to this beautiful mad to be.

I've given up on this hopeless, waiting, wasteful world of lies and decit
I wish to dream once more! just one night, not of lies nor defeat!
Woe is me! To be the only to see, such a beautful beam so magnific.
Hell to this world and those who walk so lively and discrete

May my eyes melt of fear! May my hands char to bone.
Damn all these mindless others! May they burn if they oppose.
You tell me I am mad! Young boy you simply don't know!
A mind is a horror and mine is my own!

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