just a random idea I wanted to write about


I lay down that night for a peaceful slumber,

as I dreamed that night my heart did hunger.

I saw a field full of wondrous flowers,

so picture perfect in those slumbered hours.

Colors painted a beautiful vivid scene,
Reds of love and  blues and greens.
But among those, one did catch my eye,
One on a hill up so very sky high.
I approached so amazed so bewildered, so I sought,
to a beauty so broad so humble to cleanse all thoughts,
Colors so bold, so strong, so right,
that peaceful love I dreamed that night.
Oh how the wind made it sway and dance,
I, always looking for that beautiful chance,
to pluck it and make it mine,
to leave all the other fields behind.
A flower so beautiful to a tear came to eye.
At peace I felt but still my soul did cry.
Millions of flowers why this and not other red, greens and blues?
If you must ask, that one flower was always you, only you.

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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