May my soul burn for what I believe.

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Not really a huge poem i'm crazy about but just a work thats been on my mind for a while kinda just threw some thoughts and views and honestly how I believe and see how things are anymore.

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012




The snow so cold,so beautiful blue,
the sky so bold, so grim so true.
I though? so lost, so forgotten with no clue,
this feeling so old never born a new
The wind may brezze. The sun may rise,
still I sit, so alone, still much alive?
One wish I have, one wish I strive!
But stil I live? why! why must I not die?
Why can't man have such a simple thing?
Why must I shoulder all burdens life may bring?
"Leave this body I must" I cry! Float with feather under wing.
Fly with the birds rejoice and lead songs to sing!
I ask this of you Creator who molded me from he
If enity you are, why can't this be?!
Are you caught with aungish with all you see?!
We so lost like lock with no key!
If you are there why do you follow and deny!?
do you not hear the torment? the pain, The cries!?
do you have cold heart? Or with deep hollow eyes?
why must I live why not I die?
Why feed the glutten with the furits of care?
Why power the wrathful to rage without dispare?
Why must you allow us sit cold and so bare?
Why do you spit while we stand with prayer?
Do you not hear us my lord, are you born with no ear?
Do you enjoy the bashing of what you don't know and fear?
Why must sinners rejoice and good souls come to tear?
why must all your actions be so unthoughtful and queer?
My forgiving god, what must I do?!
must I slay, bash and beat for you?
Shall I follow this road full of bloody dew?
Leave my family, my love, to be home with you?!
No! no! no! my lord I tell you what I do!
I denounce this love and follow for you !
never more shall I blinded follow the life you "drew"!
If I and to burn then let me skew!
If this is faith then with the devil I will dance.!
This world is mad just take a glance!
The poor die while the rich may prance!
The hungry strive the fat advance !
I reopen my eyes with no want to die,
I simply choose to be alive.
I want no god nor man by my side! 
May my soul burn for all of your decitful lies!

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