Reality of Consiousness (There is no God)

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In this article we going to see that the consciousness which we all have is equal conscious about God to find the truth of reality . With just a simple commonsence we understand it easily . That God itself become a phycological factor for human mind and future is too far , we have to think forward.

Submitted: December 29, 2013

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Submitted: December 29, 2013



To understand something we have to need questions and answers with just one thing we can't understand anything . You know what people , it doesn't matter that u guys are like it or not .. I like everyone of you .Everything you conclude is important for me , So please comment on it . Now , I start with an example " Lets assume ( as i said before ) we make a world of android robotes , they only programmed for killing each other not programmed for revange , anger , justice or something like that , and this is ok in his world (Robot world) , but if they low level conscioust machines somehow become a high level and understand that killing is wrong and they will become angry and do justice as we people do .

Now first thing is that if we get consciousness by ourselfs ,  then we no longer low level conscioust machines who do whatever there creater wants  they do , and will become conscious lives in existence . And if we get consciousness by itself creater , then creater don't know what they've done because creater create a same conscious lives in existance that may be less powerful and technological  but same conscious no doubt about it . And we no longer become a child who has its creater (like Parents) behind forever for critisize and punish us forever .

Now we conscious about this world with science ,technology and high conscious level. I am not saying that delete the memory of our creater but just let it go .(If our creater is really exist) . I want to ask that if God create everything and without his will nothing will happen at all in this universe , and God is Good , always wanted good for people , want good people in heaven , I don't know what God will have to do with  them (only great and good people) may be Gossiping about world like " ... Hey .. know what u did well , know what happen to them , know what i did now , hey i did that to this human let see What happen , let people come inside that terrorist and do some fun kill people , rape girl , do all dirty work "  

Huh .. really something like , well that happens  and when that happen God send his creation to something called Hell .. Well this really something lolest thing ever . ...... We people heard saying thatall the time , "this peoson is soooo great may be God sent this person to us for good things and surely this goes to heaven no doubt " . And when another person who is bad kill inocent people and do all worst and bad works and u know what , What now  people says to God  " who is this beast and badman please take him to the hell and do hellwork to him.. burn -burn something like that "  Am i  right .... really ... yeah ..yeah .. I never tour there Im guessing it ..

Now we people doesn't say's that " Why God , Why u create something bad If u all want is good Huh.. ?" But didn't said , and if u know then okk , if u not then know  . God really is a creater of Good and Bad Both things in this universe , then tell me Why God send bad creation to hell and good creation in heaven ? Its unfair for a Good God as we seen in religion and if not then why we follow some religious book ,Its like some people programmed for bad work and when they did , which they surely did God send them to Hell >. ? Huh... And some good creation which really pragrammed for good work , when they did they God send them to heaven .... L ol .

Then My friend this is pre-un-fair-programming by our fair and good God . Didn't It? Now some people saying that " God made us all good we become bad that not God's fault"  , " God is doing right we become ourself's wrong ", Then my friend tell me why didn't we become good ourselfs ? Why we saying all the time God did that ? Which is totally wrong . 

Are we really talking about almight God who do everything accept stoping those people , who have a condition to become  bad anyway  ....Didn't this happen in our world all the time ? Is this God itself doesn't have control on something which is created by itself Goooooodddd...... ? Well people u know what that's conclude me that,  Now it doesn't matter there is a creater or not , a God or not as long as we do everything ouself we have to let creater-god ..thingy in Past .. and we have to live by ourself > THIS IS THE HARSH FACT REALLITY OF THIS UNIVERSE ......well if didn't .. then u guys don't need God' power and God's words .. guys just use your conscious brain that's enough for yourself ..... Lol not for me  .what i m gonna doing with ur brain ...... bye Friends .........

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