Reality of Consiousness (There is no God)

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In this article we going to see that the consciousness which we all have is equal conscious about God to find the truth of reality . With just a simple commonsence we understand it easily . That God itself become a phycological factor for human mind and future is too far , we have to think forward.

To understand something we have to need questions and answers with just one thing we can't understand anything . You know what people , it doesn't matter that u guys are like it or not .. I like everyone of you .Everything you conclude is important for me , So please comment on it . Now , I start with an example " Lets assume ( as i said before ) we make a world of android robotes , they only programmed for killing each other not programmed for revange , anger , justice or something like that , and this is ok in his world (Robot world) , but if they low level conscioust machines somehow become a high level and understand that killing is wrong and they will become angry and do justice as we people do .

Now first thing is that if we get consciousness by ourselfs ,  then we no longer low level conscioust machines who do whatever there creater wants  they do , and will become conscious lives in existence . And if we get consciousness by itself creater , then creater don't know what they've done because creater create a same conscious lives in existance that may be less powerful and technological  but same conscious no doubt about it . And we no longer become a child who has its creater (like Parents) behind forever for critisize and punish us forever .

Now we conscious about this world with science ,technology and high conscious level. I am not saying that delete the memory of our creater but just let it go .(If our creater is really exist) . I want to ask that if God create everything and without his will nothing will happen at all in this universe , and God is Good , always wanted good for people , want good people in heaven , I don't know what God will have to do with  them (only great and good people) may be Gossiping about world like " ... Hey .. know what u did well , know what happen to them , know what i did now , hey i did that to this human let see What happen , let people come inside that terrorist and do some fun kill people , rape girl , do all dirty work "  

Huh .. really something like , well that happens  and when that happen God send his creation to something called Hell .. Well this really something lolest thing ever . ...... We people heard saying thatall the time , "this peoson is soooo great may be God sent this person to us for good things and surely this goes to heaven no doubt " . And when another person who is bad kill inocent people and do all worst and bad works and u know what , What now  people says to God  " who is this beast and badman please take him to the hell and do hellwork to him.. burn -burn something like that "  Am i  right .... really ... yeah ..yeah .. I never tour there Im guessing it ..

Now we people doesn't say's that " Why God , Why u create something bad If u all want is good Huh.. ?" But didn't said , and if u know then okk , if u not then know  . God really is a creater of Good and Bad Both things in this universe , then tell me Why God send bad creation to hell and good creation in heaven ? Its unfair for a Good God as we seen in religion and if not then why we follow some religious book ,Its like some people programmed for bad work and when they did , which they surely did God send them to Hell >. ? Huh... And some good creation which really pragrammed for good work , when they did they God send them to heaven .... L ol .

Then My friend this is pre-un-fair-programming by our fair and good God . Didn't It? Now some people saying that " God made us all good we become bad that not God's fault"  , " God is doing right we become ourself's wrong ", Then my friend tell me why didn't we become good ourselfs ? Why we saying all the time God did that ? Which is totally wrong . 

Are we really talking about almight God who do everything accept stoping those people , who have a condition to become  bad anyway  ....Didn't this happen in our world all the time ? Is this God itself doesn't have control on something which is created by itself Goooooodddd...... ? Well people u know what that's conclude me that,  Now it doesn't matter there is a creater or not , a God or not as long as we do everything ouself we have to let creater-god ..thingy in Past .. and we have to live by ourself > THIS IS THE HARSH FACT REALLITY OF THIS UNIVERSE ......well if didn't .. then u guys don't need God' power and God's words .. guys just use your conscious brain that's enough for yourself ..... Lol not for me  .what i m gonna doing with ur brain ...... bye Friends .........

Submitted: December 29, 2013

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By the way your writing I can clearly see you've never read the bible. How can you talk or write about something you know nothing about? Yes God created everything and everyone. When we were given the breath of life from our God, we were born pure, with no evil. Though, we were born into a sinful world. The devil is the reason why people turn their faces from God and take a road of evil and unjust. What Is faith? Faith is believing in something we cannot hear or see. We cannot hear or see God, but we can feel him through our good works, and we can see what he does for us. And when he answers our prayers its assign of his unconditional love. People do bad things when they are tempted by the devil. Jesus died on the cross so we could be forgiven for our sins, but also so we could choose which path we wanted to take. No one is programmed to do good or bad. We are programmed to choose either the path of the light or the path of the dark. What path we choose is our choice. But no matter what our Father (God) ill forgive us if we ask I'm to. Why not believe in someone who promises to love you with all his heart? When we have no one else and we're down on our luck, God is there to pick us back up. God loves you even though you don't believe in you. It's all in his word, the Bible. Anything good is of the Lord, and all things bad are from the devil, bc the Devil would do anything to drag you down to where he is. Why not put up a fight and win the fight against evil? We need to have Faith, hope, and love. God loves all his children, even you:)

1 John 3:16-18

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ(Gods son) laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

God bless you and have a good day:)!

Sun, December 29th, 2013 7:10pm


Hi raindancer97 , Well thanks for the comment , it was really good see that u have strong faith in God , really strong . Frist thing I have to that u r cute and naive for all this , you know why you can't understand all this because u have a strong faith in God , well that's good i don't say and gonna say that don't have faith in anything . If have be it , i am not stopping you .
But what I felt that you don't read my article clearly.
According to you it feels like there is another supernatural person " Devil " is that right ,Now first if it is then i have to ask that who is the creator of this devil thing ? Well that makes you left only two answer "maybe God , maybe not " .And if our almighty God made this devil then u better understand what happen and what my article is all about . If God is not a creator of this devil then , that means Devil itself alike God and this comes out to point that there is two God , two creator . I think you have read my next article . That will clarify this in better way logic and reoson . Bye raindancer ur lovely ...

Mon, December 30th, 2013 3:05pm

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