The Heart of Silent Will Once Reveal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this poetry revealed a pressurized mind open and makes some feeling with rymes and become as a meaningful sence which assembles differnt feelings in different phases . In the end conclude this with my phrases .

Without heart our feeling is just a line of codes 
Which generate and store in mind's any road 
when something happen to our feelings 
then it create and restore in heart lots of load
may be it is parts of our different life's modes
or may be it is the science and engineering of our almighty GOD.


After a long time I feeling a bit of lonely
may be this a fake think of me only,
In gap of time closets become stranger,
feeling me unbearable in my chest a dagger,
I making a dream world of our life,
then the world is make u to cut u with a knife,
A time I spent a someone special u,
Once again I have to say where is really u.
How do i convince my heart yuu,
when my soul is attached with u?

What’s happen to my heart,
he started a.... thing,
I m someone not a machine... Thing,
whose work only is... beating,
without me you hey... buddy ,
u don't love or be a love being ,
ok u r my body king ,
so tell me my heart ,
whose girl is so smart ,
who steal my heart ,
OH girl cause my heart isn't stop beating ,
SO how’s this possible I stop u liking .

sometime silence is ... unexplainable cause it tells everything (which understood)
sometime this is.... become weakness but as become it great strength 
sometime thinks.... it has nothing may be everything (people) 
We know that everyone has its own state of understanding 
so maybe it is possible that someone is now think what I am telling about 
but that not the story of saying. Way of thing is I hope so that it got by
someone right. .............................................................

Submitted: December 29, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Thezuko82. All rights reserved.

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