Recovery to a Near Win

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

I got injured and i'm writing about it.


Recovery to a Near Win

It was a burning hot day in the middle of July. There was no clouds and only blue. I rush to the front door and scream,

“Mom, I gotta go practice!”

She doesn’t reply. Because of the fact that I was seven back then and also the fact that I was very impatient, I figured that she must be using the bathroom or something so I just open the front door and sprint to the bus stop. After all, my excitement cannot be contained anymore. I was going to go play soccer and also find out about the summer tournament.

I hop on the bus and after 15 minutes, I finally arrive at the soccer field. The place was called 60 Acres. It was a massive place with nothing but goals and grass. During the summer, the soccer officials show up and draw lines on the massive fields to create 16 soccer fields.

I jump off the bus and dash to where my team mates are. They all seem excited just like me. We pass time by talking and juggling soccer balls until the coach shows up. As soon as the coach steps on the field, we rush to him to ask him about the thing we all want to know about: the important summer tournament. He calms us down and has us sit on the green grass and starts talking about the tournament.

“This summer tournament is going to be massive and we’re going to play against the former state champs and other select teams around the state. I will E-mail your parents about the dates of each individual game and what to wear but the tournament starts in 4 weeks. Eat healthy and stay safe until then.”

After his talk of the tournament, our whole team was excited and more energetic than usual. We start practice normally, then we divide the team into two and then start a ten versus ten mini—game. We were all doing fine until ten minutes into the mini—game, I get the ball.

I was as usual, playing calm and looking around for teammates that I can make a pass to. I stop my teammate Marcus and right when my short legs were coming down to make the pass, I turn upside down.

I realize that I got slide tackled pretty soon enough but I can’t move my body. I’m still in a daze and I just fall straight to the ground. As soon as I hit the ground, I felt it; the burning pain rushing to my ankle. I look down at it and realize that my whole body landed on my ankle and that I was literally sitting on my own ankle. Furthermore, the guy that slide tackled me had his sharp soccer cleats into my ankle and that the cleats were making cuts on my ankle.

I scream in pain, hoping that by screaming would make my pain feel better. I look up at the slide tackler and I realize that it’s Johnny, the team’s most aggressive player. I start moaning in pain and saying that it hurts terribly. Coach calms me down but I’m still moaning about my pain. Finally, he calls my mom and she picks me up to drive me to the hospital.

After a long time of waiting and reading one of those boring magazines about Spongebob, the doctor comes in. He starts off by saying,

“Well son this might be pretty hard on you…”

My mind goes blank. What is he talking about? What am I going to take in? Then my mind settles and I realize that he is going to tell me something bad.Bad thoughts start to creep into my mind like a cloud, slowly covering the sun. Then, he drops the news.

“Your legs aren’t broken but are badly sprained. You’re going to need to put this level 4 ankle brace on your ankle. No type of physical activity for the next 5 or six weeks.”

I slowly take in the words that the doctor has said to me. Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. All of these conflicting thoughts start to rush through my mind. I start thinking about all of the disadvantages and then one word passes through my immature mind: soccer tournament. Then the worst Idea comes to my mind.

 I can’t play in the soccer tournament.

I slump back in my seat, wishing that I had a time machine that can take me back in time so I won’t have to get injured. But I realize that this is something that can’t be undone. The car ride home was terrible. It gave me too much time to think about it and just thinking about it felt like a dagger stuck in my heart. My mom tries to make me feel better but I just want her to stop talking. I reach my old house in utter silence. I limp up to my room in pure silence and crash on my bed crying. I feel like I can’t go on with my life anymore. And I walking around the house in utter silence became a normal characteristic of me for the next week.

The next week, I show up to the practice match but I can’t play. Johnny apologizes even more than he already did and I act like it’s no big deal, even though I want to scream in his face saying that it was all his fault. I just watch my team making great plays and dribbling by people and eventually watching Johnny score. I just stare at the field and have the same thoughts run through my mind.

I want to play…But I can’t.

The practice game ends with a 4-0 win for our team. When we were all about to leave, coach calls me over and tells me something that might just change my luck.

“I was looking on the internet and looking for ways to heal your ankle fast. What you have to do is get ice and ice your ankle for 15~20 minutes every hour. Then, when you aren’t icing your foot, keep this level 4 ankle brace on and keep your ankle elevated so it lets the blood flow the other way. Keep doing this and you might be lucky like my brother. He fixed his ankle in 4 weeks.”

His voice was like music to my ears! I start thinking that this might actually work! I limp home as fast as I can and do as he told me. I put ice and I lift my leg up to elevate it. That’s when I cringe.

I can’t lift my leg up. That’s how bad it hurts. It burns like hundreds of hot needles just piercing my ankles. It hurts. It hurts so badly but I have to keep doing it so I can play in the tournament. I grit my teeth and wait until the 20 minutes is over. Then I take a rest and start again after an hour and instantly, the burning feeling returns to my ankle. Day by day I kept repeating this, feeling burning pain in my ankle every day for the next four weeks.

After four weeks, I go to the doctor’s office for a checkup on my ankle. He has me do physical tests to see if I my ankle is healed. He starts by vigorously moving my ankle. I become scared because I know that it will hurt but it doesn’t. It feels nice and relaxed like it was before my injury. He looks at me with a smile. He then has me run back and forth through the office hallways. I’m afraid that it will start hurting again but I try anyway and I run at my usual speed. That is when I realize that my legs are back to normal, I jump in joy! I’m fixed! I can play next week! I thank the doctor greatly and then go straight to practice. The team and the coach are all happy to have me back. We all practice hard till the tournament starts.

Next week, the tournament starts. We have been practicing hard up till then so we were all confident. We beat every single team up until then and then we get to the final. The final was against us and the state number one team.

My heart was racing. I was starting to get nervous and my heart was pounding like the subwoofer of a stereo. I needed to be calm. I take multiple deep breaths and start my warm ups. After 45 minutes of pure concentration, warm up was over and the game began.

The state number one team was obviously good. They were stopping our plays and were reading our movements very carefully. This was going to be a hard game but we weren’t going down without a fight. We all play hard. We were just chasing the ball with pure concentration and determination. The result of that was a magnificent goal by our team that kept us in the game with a tie of one to one. We go to extended time and we play hard till the end until finally, last two minutes, they score on us. We were all devastated. We just stood there in awe as the player that scored celebrated back to their side of the field. The coach was trying to tell us to restart the game but it’s too late. The game ends.

We were all sad. We all could taste victory but we ended up giving them the win. We all slump back to the bench. The coach is silent and we wait for him to start yelling at us but suddenly, he smiles at us. He tells how we all played a great game and that we all played like a team. He tells us to keep our heads up because today was the day he saw the best of us. We all smile at that and the coach gives us a group hug and leads us to the championship stage. On the stage, the tournament creator calls us up as the second place team in the tournament. We walk up with our head up high and with pride. The coach starts to say a simple speech about how he is proud of the work we have done in this tournament and we all watch with a grin as we watch his face redden because of his shyness.

This is how I recovered from my devastating injury, to a near win.

Submitted: June 07, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Thhe Japanese Writer. All rights reserved.

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