amor moderno (modern love)

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Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 23, 2017



amor moderno (modern love)

there’s something between me and you

I’m not sure why I spend my money on you or text when I’m sad

or why I love it when you ignore my calls when your mad

your face brings me a sense of relief...

when you go, I’ll feel alone

December’s coming way too soon

I hope you’ll feel my bones from the walls of your old room

I changed my screenplay because of the way you are

if I ever get nominated for an award, I want you on my arm

when we smoke cigarettes by the beach, I feel complete

and when you rest your head on my shoulder, I don't feel empty

there’s a faded echo that I love, you and me are an Acid Ghost song

we’re both beautifully distorted and not for everyone

you stun my eyes like morning light

never leave my bed, never leave my sight

picture me, like I picture you

...depressed, tired eyed and once in awhile happy too

when I play you my songs, you close your eyes and pause

and when it’s done, you give me a smile and come in close

forget the reasons we pull apart

we are pacific waves, our instability comes from the heart


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