Los Angeles

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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



Los Angeles

we have cigarettes and beer

girl, I'm just happy that you're here

cruel to care about someone so much

¿insanity or love?

show me again how little I could mean

the feelings mutual sometimes when you're lying next to me

strange, our ways

feels good yet we're walking away

why don't we admit that we care for each other?

better yet, why don't we stay?

take my hand

I'll give you cruise ships and foreign land

you make me throw away memories

wild night goods and crying eyes bad

maybe you've heard this before

vaguely in a Growlers song or in another poem I wrote

Los Angeles is home

where my emptiness and sadness meet the coast

I could never leave

it's complexities are all I know

bury me in the waves

scatter your bones through the mountains

when the rain comes we'll meet up

and once again we'll get carried away

I'll give you whatever you want

fancy clothes and a house with dogs

keep me close and don't let me go

I think I'm what you need

an excuse sometimes to smile and dream

please let me remember tonight

your soft lips, black hair and big brown eyes

what's left when you go back home?

just traffic, dirty air and refinery lights


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