as i walk through the rain

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staring out a window as the rain falls down...

Submitted: June 08, 2010

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Submitted: June 08, 2010



why are you crying god?
it'll all be okay.
sad things happen
almost every single day.

We'll wake up tomorrow
and we'll have to live on,
no matter the danger
our lives will go on.

i'll look at the sky
as the sun dissappears,
knowing your looking down
while im wondering why im here.

the rain hits my face,
but i wont turn away
knowing your here
makes me want to stay

but ill just keep walking
as the rain hits my face,
making me uncomfortable
instead of feeling your embrace.

are you even there god?
i wish that you would just stay
just to show me a sign
and to make everything okay.

are you there god?
as i go through my day
looking out this window
alone with nothing else to say

just show me a sign,
just show me the way.
i'll follow you anyday
as i walk through the rain.

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