everybody wake up

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this poem is about two different sides of the story, both being true depending on the day. not everyday can be perfect, but there are days that can be.

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010



You wake up with a smile on your face,
you get out of bed willingly and put on
your best clothes. It's a good day you
decide. You smile as you walk past the
bathroom mirror.

You wake up to your alarm clock
annoying the hell out of you,
telling you that you HAVE to get
out of bed today. You put on the first thing
you see in your closet. You put on a smile
and decide that you wont let this morning
get you down. its too late.
you check your phone. nothing.

You walk into work, you see all your
friends. You smile because you know
that today is going to be easier with
them there. You laugh and the time
flies bye. You look at the clock and
its already time to leave. You don't want
to leave just yet.

You stumble into work and sigh.
You know that you're going to be
here for the next who knows how
many hours.You find yourself looking at the
clock every 5 minutes wondering
when it will be over. Your alone, but
people would tell you otherwise.

You walk into his house, knowing he's
waiting for you to jump into his arms
and whisper that you love him. You
talk about your days and you hold each
other. There isn't any other lace you'd rather
be right now.

You walk into his house, not knowing
if work made him the person you
don't like seeing. You find him sleeping.
He starts screaming. You fight until you
land up leaving. Your alone again.

Your sleepy. You smile as you lay your
glasses down on the table. You think
of all the good things that happened
today. You whisper goodnight and i
love you.  Than you hang up the phone.
You close your eyes and you begin
dreaming. You fall asleep right away as
your last thought of the night is him.

Your wide awake. You throw your phone
down, you forget to take your contacts out.
The emptiness of the night has you thinking.
Your alone again and you just want this day to
be over. You close your eyes, but you can't sit
still. You know what you have to do. You start
crying. You never wanted this to happen. You
pull that dull knife across your wrist. You start to
breathe normally again. You close your eyes and you start
dreaming. You fall asleep right away as
your last thought of the night is him.

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