This can't be right

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An odd dream which began and ended in entirely separate directions

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



I entered a house of an old friend, and a brief romance. I wasn't certain why I was invited initially, though it was clear it was something in particular. The interior looked like something out of the 70's; shag carpeting, an open living room with a 3 stair incline to a larger living space. The couch was some retro design from the 40's. It was dark.

She was dressed in a black nightie that had white frills on the limbs and bottoms. It was loosely tied exposing the skin underneath, and her black undergarment. She was behind a frame which held a mirror, almost like a picture talking to me. We greeted each other, and it was clear that she had intended for us to sleep together. In reality, I am in a relationship, so I hesitate, and tell her so. In comes another man...

"If you won't, then he will" she says. This was strange, he barely seemed to care I was there. Neither I him. Reluctantly I gave in, and she came from another room as the other man disappeared into the house. Descending down the stairs she began to loosen her hair, and untied her nightie. She removed her panties and laid back on the couch. Her sex was bright red and swollen. Almost unhealthily looking like a rose. 

I had difficulties with the initial penetration; she was not one to perform this act frequently. It was apparent I was hurting her though I was doing very little, so I asked if she was okay. She responded positively, and I continued. I looked down to see blood on myself. I asked her what was wrong, and she said through tears she was a virgin.

I knew this girl in reality, from a past life. We never had sex, but she was no virgin, and she was my age which at the time of this was certainly legal. 

I stopped and withdrew, and began to slowly back away. 

"What are you doing?!" she screamed, but she was no longer on the couch. She was back behind the mirror. "I love you!".

I didn't want to be a part of this. I knew something terrible had just happened but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I felt like a teenager experimenting with love for the first time and making a huge mistake, one that permanently scars the other person for as long as they live. 

"I can't..." I began.

"Fuck you!" she yells, as she throws a chair through the window of the room she was behind. Her image was projected through a mirror, though she was not behind it. A neat trick...

"Please, calm down", I begin as she runs down the stairs, the obvious intent of attacking me in mind. I catch her arms and embrace her as she begins to cry. We lay down to comfort each other, and discuss our new relationship I have been tricked into. This is just me, I don't want to hurt people, only make them happy. As we're talking,

"Alright, I'm outta here". It's the guy from before. He hasn't left the house. I acknowledge him as he leaves, and she becomes upset.

"Don't talk to him!"

"I'm sorry, I just understand, who is that?" 

She says a name. In reality, it's not a real person. When she says it, I acknowledge it as her boyfriend.

She shrills and cackles, begins shaking me and screams "I GOT YOU!!!". The last sound heard is that of a child's girly laugh and I wake up to the feeling of being physically shaken.

But I'm alone...

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