A Whisper of Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a imaginary love story of two bakery's employees localized in Astoria, Oregon. They are real persons, but the plot is just a fantasy. Could be your own story of love.

The glass door framed in aluminum of a small bakery in the town of
Astoria, Oregon was open that sunny spring morning. On the main counter were placed
napkins, coffee cups, little packets of sugar, bottles of cream, and one plastic glass
marked “Tips.”
The “Danish Maid Bakery” is a very popular bakery in the town, which is
frequently visited by customers who take seats at one of the four tables positioned along  
of the old building’s walls  located on Commercial Street.
“What can I do for you, today?” A smiling girl in her 20’s said. She showed a
long golden hair in a ponytail, her pretty face displayed a big blue eyes.
 “Sir,” she repeated.
A handsome man with grey hair, formally dressed, executive style, such as a
banker or supermarket manager. His voices sounded like a great radio announcer. The
handsome man had a strong personality and seductive smile reminiscent of Clark
Gable in the film Gone with the Wind.
“You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.” He said with genteel and
soft speech.
He did not stopped watching her while he asked for a large black coffee, two
donuts, no sugar to go. It was the same order that he had been asking for the last nine
months. He paid with a five-dollar bill. His change was two dollars and ninety-five cents.  
To impress the lovely baker of sensual mouth, he put the change down into the
plastic glass marked Tips.
“Thank you.” She said.
 “It’s my pleasure.” He politely answered.
 He felt falling in love at the first sight by the new employee, she had been
hired since six months from; nevertheless, she had worked early that day. That it was the
reason why the grey hair man did not encountered her. He introduced himself extending
his hand.
 “My name is Troy.” He charismatically said.
 “I’m Michelle.” they shook hands.
He held her hand some seconds to whisper, “I really like your eyes.”
She blushes.
“Hi Troy,” Joe interrupted, the other employee.
He was not happy; he could not hide his angered knit brow over his green eyes,
which looked up at him like a cat ready to chase.
“Hi Joe, nice to see you.”
“Nice to see you too.” Joe added.  “Have a good day, Troy”
It was a delicate way for saying, get out bastard.
Through the time, Michelle became the Joe’ secret love. By first time, Joe sensed
the arriving of a real rival to dispute Michelle’s love. He had encountered her six months
ago, when she was filling out her home bakery’s job application , but since then, Joe
always pretended to be just other co-worker for her. Thus, he many times talking about
an imaginary girlfriend, of this way he believed could be interesting for her.
Michelle also pretended did not be interested about the Joe’s imaginary
affair. The truth, she had also falling in love. Each one of them were hidden their real
feelings. Joe thought that Michelle would not accept him, what already he considered her
too much beautiful for him.
On the same way, Michelle considered that Joe was not a serious person due to
his appearance of being boastful, and rebellious person.
While, Troy frequently visited to the bakery with an only purpose, having
an affair with the pretty baker. Michelle did not like these visiting, but she had found a
good excuse getting Joe’s attentions.
“Another beautiful day.” Troy said.
“Yes it is.” She replied.
Her female instinct warned her that the strategy was working.  She could see that
Joe was jealous so far. Finally, Michelle attacked head-on as part of her strategy.
“I have a date.”
He pretended indifference.
“Troy invited me to the Liberty.” She added
The Liberty Theatre was one of a few diversions to visit into the small town.
“That’s cool.” Joe said.
 Michelle many time caught him, while he was watching her.
“What?” She asked, smiling while.
“Nothing” Joe answered thoughtfully. “No” He added.
“No! What?” She asked puzzled.
“Don’t go… don’t go to your date.” He said babbling.
Butterflies flew around in her stomach, as the first time she encountered him.
“Give me a good reason for not going,” she replied.
Meanwhile, customers waited around for service. Two older ladies, a couple, a
teenager girl and her little brother 5 years, who watched them with an open mouth.
“Answer me,” she demanded.
Then, Joe took a deep breath and approached her. He kindly stared at her for
saying slowly.
 “If my eyes could talk, they would tell you that if my love for you it would could
weight, it would be weightier than the whole world, and if it could be measured, it would
be longer even than infinity.”
Michelle shuddered and is nestled at him. She only whispered a phrase.
“I love you.”

Submitted: November 26, 2008

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