The Enchanted Family

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A human family turned into bear family, whom were bewitched by a bat bad, so by breaking the charm, father Bear must climb up the Mountain of the Fifteenth Hills in order achieve a promise made to the Great Bear of the Universe and to turn up into his human condition; him and his family. So, Father Bear started his journey to find up with himself and his destiny.

Submitted: November 22, 2008

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Submitted: November 22, 2008



What a pretty Bear! The young Bear thought. He was hidden among the bushes
in the forest, below of the great Mountain of the Fifteenth Hills. What a funny way she
walks! Young Bear whispered.
Hi! What is your name? he asked.
Oh! Why do you want to know my name? The female Bear shyly answered.
I would like to invite you to walk at the Lake of Daydream. Young Bear replied.
The Lake of Daydream was a beautiful lake of crystalline water, turquoise green in color. It
has an islet that was inhabited for all kind of exotic birds. They knew that swim in its warm
water, and who requested a wish this would become reality. When the pretty Bear heard his
intention, she run away followed for him.
Wait! Do not be afraid. Can I see you tomorrow at the Lake of the Daydream? Young
Bear shout excited.
Pretty Bear disappeared between the taller trees and he only heard her voice. All right, but
please do not already follow me. She said.
Young Bear impatiently waited. When she appeared from the taller trees, he felt his heart
jump out of his chest.
Hello! he said.
Hello! Pretty Bear shyly replied.
After a long silence, he said. Would you like to take a walk? He falteringly asked.
Pretty Bear nodded.
Never have I seen a lake so beautiful like this one. Would you like to swim? He asked her
while took her paws.
I do not know swimming. She embarrassed answered.
Do not be afraid. Trust me. He kindly replied
Their paws joined as they dived into the crystalline water of The Lake of Daydream. A few
weeks later, their wish became true.They got married in the presence of all their friends and
The young Bear spent three years building his house brick to brick.Other animals such like
goats, parrots, elephants and giraffes asked him why he was taking so long to build his house.
Each brick is like a hope waiting for my cub. He answered; he will be a male cub as
strong as me.
What if is it a female? The giraffe asked.
Young Bear thought for a moment.
No! It will be a male.
As time passed, the young bear continued building his house. One night of spring pretty
Bear said.
I wish to eat mango's.
Young bear understood that the arrival of his little cub was closer. He yelled excitedly with
his big eyes almost popping out of their sockets.
Oh! My darling.Is that what I am thinking? He yelled enthusiastic
I guess so.Pretty Bear happily answered.
Months later, pretty Bear delivered a beautiful and healthy cub.
He is my cub! Father Bear said.
Then he ran through the forest such like an eagle soaring, shouts like an elephant
raising his trunk for all to hear. He was the happiest and proud Father Bear in the entire region.
Father Bear and his wife were very happy for eight years. But he could see that his loyal
wife was not happy due to she could not get pregnant again.
One day, Father Bear found his wife was crying. She confessed him the reason was that she
want to adopt an orphaned deer, which was dumped in the forest, and she was afraid he could to
refuse her wish to adopt the little deer left in the forest.
It is impossible. It is a deer.
Mother Bear begged him to adopt the little deer. She thought that they were not a complete
family and that their little cub needed a companion.
No! Father Bear refused.
His loyal wife cried for days. Father Bear beg for other cub to the Great Bear of the
Universe for what his wife was not sad. And as gratitude he would offer to climb up the
Mountain of the Fifteenth Hills, which it represented a challenge for anyone, who asked for a desire
to come true. Dangerous roads lead the journey and whoever there been reached the fifteenth hill
top would be generously rewarded, but whoever wouldn’t achieved it should pay a high price until
it was complied. Eight years later, after his first cub. Mother Bear delivered other pretty cub.
Is it a male or a female? He asked, excited
It is a female! She answered.
It looks like my firstborn.It also has big eyes.
Father Bear held her female bear, and rose her up to thank the Great Bear of the Universe.
Days later, he departed to finish his promise. However, when he had reached the eighth hill, he
decided to come back home, because he was anxious to see his little bear. Thus, he did not keep his
word to climb up the fifteen hills.
Family bear lived happy and glad for eight years. Soon afterward, Father Bear became sick
from a strange illness.He was in a deep depression.He only wanted to stay on bed.He had lost
interest for the life. He quickly became, skinny, tired, and scared.He was slowly dying. Father
Bear often begged the Greats of the Universe: Great Lion and Great Sneaker to be healed of
his strange illness.
One night Father Bear was complaining when he heard a voice, which came from darkness
through the room’s window. .
You are not sick. You are enchanted by the Wizard Bat. The Firefly said.
Who are you? He asked.
“I am a Firefly. I was bewitched by the Wizard Bat.” The Firefly said.
Are you a Firefly? Father Bear answered confused so why you have not your own lights.
Who really you are.
I am a Fairy Godmother enchanted, Firefly answered.
Father Bear laughed weakly. “How is it possible? You are not a Fairy Godmother.”
I am really a Fairy Godmother and I have lost my powers, as you have lost the interest for
How can you prove that you are a Fairy Godmother? Father Bear asked.
Eight years ago, you requested to the Great Bear of the Universe other cub.Then,
Great Bear heard your prayers, and sent you a pretty little female bear because that was your

wife’s desire. In gratitude, you promised to climb up The Mountain of the Fifteenth Hills, but you

only climbed eight of those hills.They are the years that you have happily lived together to your
family. But the Wizard Bat stolen your health and happiness, and turned you into a bear as well
your whole family.
I have always been a bear. I belong to the animal world. Father Bear answered.
You belong to the human race. The Wizard Bat also has stolen your memories. To return
to your natural condition, you must keep your word and climbing up The Mountain of the
Fifteenth Hills, seven hills remaining for being climbed.However, this time each hill will mean
one year within the human world. Once you had achieved it, you and your family would get back
to your human condition.In addition, I will come once again a Fairy Godmother.


Next day, Father Bear spoke with his family, Eight years ago, I made a promise and I
did not keep my word.I promised to climb up the Mountain of the Fifteenth Hills
Father Bear explained them the reason for his promise, while his family listened
anguished. The little cubs were sad. Mother Bear had overheard how dangerous was to climb up
The Mountain of the Fifteenth Hills. Isn’t there other solution to your promise?
Unfortunately, there is not.I must keep my word in order to cure my illness. Father Bear
hugged them. Just remember, little longer needed.
One night of winter, Father Bear departures alone and sick to finish his promise. Before the
shadows of the night had fallen, father Bear had already reached the eighth hill without any
problem. It began raining along with stronger thunderclaps, he looked for a shelter. It was a cold
night.He was shaking from the cold, founding a big rock that only covered part of his body.
Next day, when he tried to wake up, he saw that his legs were frozen.He could not walk
either. He was also astonished to see that there were others animals in the same circumstance than
him: lions, tigers, leopards, ravens, eagles, elegant herons, beautiful butterflies, monkeys, snakes
moreover, poisonous spiders, also they all were trying to climb up the fifteenth hills. The pilgrims took
different paths.Father Bear walked for a long time, but realized that he was lost. The storm had
destroyed all possible roads.
Oh firefly, I am lost. Father Bear whispered.
He heard the voice of a Firefly. You cannot see me because I have not my light, but you
can hear my voice, which will lead you to your destiny. You have to trust in yourself.
Father Bear continued his travel between storms, crossing rivers that frightened him.
He often thought in quitting. One the early spring, he met a family of bears, whom was living
on the Ninth hill.He was hungry and asked for food.
Is the fifteen hills far away? Father Bear asked.
It is too far, but you can stay with us. Wintertime is coming.You could help us cutting
firewood. The host bears said.
Father Bear accepted. He cut firewood to gain his own food from the daybreak until sunset.
He did it for many months. One night, the Firefly appeared to him again.
Another winter is coming and you have not climbed the next hill. Do not be afraid to face up to
the unknown.Just trust in yourself.
Next morning, Father Bear thanked to his hosts and continued his trail.He walked too
much that his legs were hurt, but this time he was not afraid.He often slept under trees. He heard
the horrific howls of the hyenas and hungry wolves were around him. One day, he met an old fox,
this was lying down beside a dangerous river, eating a succulent delicacy.
Hello Mr. Fox! Father Bear said.
Hello Bear, the old fox replied as if they were closer friends.It is a hard walking
isn’t it? Welcome to the tenth hills. Come on.Eat anything you want.
Father Bear quickly began eating to satisfy his ferocious appetite, but the Fox stopped him.
Wait! First, you have to promise to help me. I am an old fox. I need you to work on
my land where these fruits comes from.
Why do you have all these fruits here? Father Bear asked.
Pilgrims like you collected all these fruits. I have a large garden, but I need
strong arms like yours.Where are you headed? Old Fox asked.
Forward to the fifteenth hills.
It is a long way and you have not food for your journey. Make a deal.The winter is
coming, and in thisis terrible a terrible.If you work on my land for a short time, I will tell you
a secret how you could reach the top of the fifteenth hills. Old Fox sneered.
What is the secret? Father asked interested.
It’s a large tunnel known as the Tunnel of the Bat, which will take you directly to the
top of the fifteen hills.
Finally, father Bear accepted. He was hungry, saw that there were many

different kinds of animals working for him, from tiny ants to the large rhinoceros. Much of winter

had passed, and his work would not ever be finished.
One day, Father Bear was chatting with a rodent. “I promised to climb up the Mountain of
the Fifteenth Hill,the first eight were easier for climbing up, but on the ninth hill, I almost die
seven winters have gone by now.The old fox promised to tell me the secret of a large tunnel
to reach the top of the fifteen hills, but he always had an excuse to not reveal it”
The Tunnel of the Bat is no a secret, rodent replied. All know that it is crossing the
river.Many others have tried of crossing but only few have achieved it. When they have entered
in the tunnel, several of those have been trapped and lost in the darkness, forever.
The Rodent also told him about the parties organized for them. Many of the pilgrims have
forgotten their families. Then, Father Bear thought about his family. His female bear was fifteen
years old now. Therefore, he decided to cross the dangerous river.He jumped in the river, but was
pulled down; he could not stay afloat.He caught a tree trunk to keep from drowning. Finally, he
was capable to cross the river.
The first obstacle was overcome.Now, he planned to begin his adventure in The Tunnel of
the Bat. Father Bear was eager to achieve his promise.He walked through the darkness for many
hours. He often hid from a furious beast that assaulted all those pilgrims who had crossed the river.
He saw many skeletons along the road.However, this time, Father Bear did not feel afraid. He was
angered to achieve his promise for his family.
Just a light Firefly, just a light, he repeated it over and over.
He continued his walk without stopping until he saw a light in the end of the tunnel. He was
tired, thirsty and hungry.When he reached the exit, he knelt to give thanks to Great Bear of the
Universe.Afterward, he saw a hole of water nearby, and while was drinking, he saw his face
reflected in the water, and being transfigured in a human face, now.
Father Bear transformed in a human being now. He observed the most beautiful view he had
ever seen.He could see clouds, which seemed like gracious figures in the blue sky.Far away,
small towns of that region, where lived his family.The view was simply magnificent.
This is the glory.It is so beautiful here. However, I just want to back with my family.He
said aloud.
Suddenly he heard a voice like an echo. Do not wait. Go with your family, Firefly said.
Take this shortcut.It will take you to your home.Tonight, you will be with your family.
Father Bear immediately returned to his home, where he hugged his family, they also were
human being, once again.
How did you know that I would come back today? He asked surprised.
The Fairy Godmother told us. Mother Bear answered.
Mother Bear turned into a beautiful woman. The Fairy Godmother was in the living room,
who was a good-looking woman of long golden hair, and wore a beautiful blue dress embroidered
with silver and little bright stars. A crown of rubies and emeralds placed on her head.A handsome
boy was beside her.He had strong hands and a deep voice.The teenage approached to hugged his
father and said. Father you are very welcome to your home.
His beautiful wife happily hugged and kissed him. A charming, beautiful, and rosy
teenager was the happiest of all.She was hugged to her father as if she wanted restrained him
The bear family enchanted turned into a human family.Everyone was happy and gladly
celebrating the promise through. Suddenly the teenager girl asked.
Well, I have a question.How do I have to name me in my new life?
Everyone laughed.
Good question. The Fairy Godmother said.
She waved her magical want of crystal, which was prettily decorated. A small star placed on
one extreme with; from which twinkled hundred of multicolor little stars. Fairy Godmother touched
the Teenager’s forehead and said.
I give you today and forever the name of Ruth Del Carmen.
And the enchanted family was happy for seven generations with love, good luck, and

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