War Of The Angels

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Just a little taste of a big idea.

Sarah is overwhelmed with fear as she is surrounded by 6 men wearing black hoods. She recently discovered a cult that is responsible for many disappearances around the county in a nearby college which branches off into different states. She plans on posing as one of them in order to expose them to the public. But many strange things start happening to her. She begins to feel an evil presence in her house; she is followed by strange men, and worst she begins to have vivid dreams of an apocalyptic world. What does this all mean? Is there something bigger going on than just multiple disappearances.

Submitted: October 01, 2012

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Submitted: October 01, 2012



Sarah runs outside her house into the streets where five tall hooded men wait for her. Fear strikes her and she falls onto the ground. The sixth hooded man that tried to kill her walks outside the house towards her, slowly. She lets out a loud cry of despair as tears run down her face.

Sarah looks up to the night sky “God save me from these evil men, lend me your hand in the name of Jesus Christ” she cries out.


“GO” a voice of thunder echoed that shook the souls of everyone that heard it.

 Sarah’s fear is replaced by courage. A light descends from the sky revealing a man with white wings and armor of gold. The ground trembled and cracked under his feet. He carried a long shiny sword that glowed in the darkness of the street. His wings were large like of eagles that surrounded Sarah. Sarah’s eyes widened as she bared witness to the beauty and power that is of God.

“Leave this place demon’s.” The angel said with a powerful voice.

One of the hooded men steps forward. “We will not leave as for this woman speaks against our lord Satan. She seeks to expose our cult! And so she must die” the man says with a voice that is not human.

“Then so be it!” The angel raises his sword towards the sky as a flash of lighting crashes onto it. “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, he who died so we can live forever! May his blood shed upon you demons and send you back from which you came!” He points his sword towards the men.

The men fall onto the ground and the demons let out a loud screech like of nails scratching a blackboard. The sword lets out a high pitch noise so loud, windows from nearby cars and houses shattered and car alarms went off. A noise which did not harm Sarah.

“Let us leave and we will not harm this woman! For she is protected by God!” They yelled while covering their ears. The men stumble as they try to get up still covering them. And soon they run disappearing into darkness.

Sarah looks at the angels face “Thank you so much!” she says with joy.

“Do not thank me, but thanks be to God, which gives us victory through our lord Jesus Christ!” He says smiling down at her.

“What was that loud pitch noise” Sarah asks.

“It was the voice of our lord! It commanded the demons to leave” The angel replies. “Remember Sarah, God is always watching. So do not tremble in fear, instead stand with courage. Do not lose yourself to despair, but wait patiently with hope! For he is God almighty, the beginning and the end, what was, what is, and will be, forever!” The angel looks up and just like he came with a bright light , he ascends into the sky.

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