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As you see the light, it shows you what is really in the shadows.x

Submitted: November 26, 2015

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Submitted: November 26, 2015



The light allows you to see; it guides you on the dark path of life. The bright light around you is intriguing and you slowly allow your innocent eyes to gaze upon the light for longer times each day testing your strength of knowledge. The knowledge the light holds distracts you from your given path you are destined to be focusing on. before you, there is happiness and joy, however, the more you begin to notice the light, you eyes are able to see many more things that you never saw before. You now see down that dark alley you never knew was there, you see the wars going on above and below. The light allows you to obtain great knowledge that you need to survive on this temporary home, but the light is the very thing that makes it end. For the world is a corrupt place and you were born into it just as the very first; Innocent. Little do people know that the more their innocent eyes have a growing thirst for the light, the more their pure dreams will be crushed, and their wishes will fade away into the shadows now created. As light becomes reality, the mind loses innocence and gains experience about the horrid, cruel world at which they have been placed. people become silent in fear of the world that possesses them, their hearts are numb to love, and they have become hard to the one who created the light to only be their to lead them back home. You will soon realize the more you learn and feed into the knowledge of the earth, the hotter things will seem and more out of control. Your vision becomes blurry just as your path has. breathing the pure air seems impossible. For once you have embraced the light, the burn will teach you to take flight away from what seems to be the world now and go back to the place where you were happy to open your eyes in the morning and realize that the sole purpose of why you are here. the light seems to have holy blessings, which is true, until that knowledge you seem to be gaining is turning into the light of the fire from the dragon sent to end your happiness in the forever.x


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